Wrestling veteran Rhino recently disclosed a new role he has taken on with IMPACT Wrestling during an appearance on the Kurt Angle Show.

In the interview, Rhino shared insights into his current wrestling run, his involvement in another business venture, and his expanded responsibilities within IMPACT Wrestling.

Rhino mentioned his dual commitment, which includes his work at Big Daddy’s Boatyard, a marina where preparations are underway for the upcoming winter season. This venture appears to keep him occupied alongside his wrestling obligations.

Rhino also noted that the wrestling industry typically experiences increased activity during this time of year, suggesting that it becomes busier with more bookings and opportunities.


The noteworthy revelation from Rhino was his role as a producer for IMPACT Wrestling. He explained that this new responsibility has added to his workload within the company. However, he candidly mentioned that despite the increased responsibilities, his compensation remains unchanged.

“Well just with the marina, Big Daddy’s Boatyard. So, we’re getting ready for the winter season so that’s always fun. Getting everything out, ready for the winter and with wrestling, it just seems like it always picks up this time of the year and so yeah, just doing that and with IMPACT, I’m producing now. So, it’s like more of a workload but the same pay so.”

Rhino’s contributions as a producer for IMPACT’s recent Victory Road event were acknowledged, and he joined a team of wrestling professionals including RD Evans, D-Lo Brown, Tommy Dreamer, Gail Kim, and Lance Storm.

What are your thoughts on Rhino’s change in his career within the wrestling industry? Do you believe it will have a positive impact on IMPACT’s product? Leave us a comment below.

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