The Undertake kept kayfabe alive for decades, as his iconic persona carved its way into pop culture history. Now, even top names in music are using his song to steal a bit of the aura from his gimmick.

At a recent Drake concert in Vancouver, Travis Scott joined Drizzy on stage. As he did this, they played The Undertaker’s entrance music as Scott made his own entrance.

Fans at the concert popped at the Undertaker’s iconic music. They were also happy to see Travis Scott start his portion of the show. Obviously, the Deadman’s tune really helped out.

This could be perceived as kind of messed up, because Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival ended in fatal tragedy in 2021. Ten individuals, with the youngest at a mere 9 years old, tragically perished due to being crushed within the crowd.


Sadly, those fan deaths were officially attributed to an accidental occurrence of compression asphyxia. The lead detective in charge of the investigation, Mike Barrow, pointed out that a significant factor in these fatalities was the overcrowding within the general admission area.

Travis Scott was able to avoid that PR disaster, and there are ongoing lawsuits as well. Either way, it’s nice to see that he was able to get back in front of the public, because he has fans who enjoy his music. While Travis Scott was on stage, the two performed a Utopia track called Meltdown, which got a lot of attention as well.

The Undertaker is iconic, and it’s still great to see The Deadman get love in this regard. It is only more proof that The Phenom’s iconic character transcends to any entertainment avenue.

Are you a fan of Travis Scott’s music? Sound off in the comments if you’d like to see The Undertaker give him a chokeslam!

Felix Upton

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