Roman Reigns is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling right now. He has been the Undisputed Universal Champion for a long time now and continues to rule WWE with an iron fist. Despite being The Rock’s cousin, Roman Reigns has carved his path in professional wrestling. That said, it appears that Reigns was called a better storyteller than The Rock.

Wrestling fans were eagerly anticipating a match between Roman Reigns and The Rock at WrestleMania for a long time. The WWE even hinted at the possibility of this match for a while which only increased the excitement among fans who were looking forward to seeing these two superstars face off in the ring.

However, the match no longer took place at the Show of Shows. The Rock simply couldn’t be ready in time to wrestle at WrestleMania 39. Roman Reigns even defended The Rock for being ready to compete at the event.

While speaking on the latest Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg made an interesting comparison between Roman Reigns and The Rock as he called Reigns a better storyteller than The Great One.


“I watch the storytelling Roman does visually with facials. It just makes me think, man — Roman’s really, like I want to slap him sometimes, you know what I mean? I just want to slap him and go, ‘You ain’t as cool as you think you are,’ you know what I mean? That works, that to me, he’s doing his job, I don’t know, it’s incredible right now.

I’m not dogging — and Rock’s a great actor. Look one of my favorite movies is ‘Central Intelligence,'” he said. “During this, what a character he [Reigns] has been, and I just like his family member before him, kind of carrying the company, you know what I mean?”

Roman Reigns still wants match with The Rock. Regardless, we will have to wait and see whether the two will ever get to square off against each other in the ring.

What’s your take on what Road Dogg said? Do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet, a professional wrestling fan for over 20+ years, found his passion during the Monday Night Wars. With expertise honed over decades and a broad spectrum of interests including TV, movies, anime, novels, and music, he offers insightful analysis and coverage. Respected in the industry, Subhojeet keeps fans informed and engaged with his knowledge and perspective.

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