Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE was followed by an amazing push that continues to this day. There were lot of people within WWE that made this transition easy for Rhodes, but CEO Nick Khan really went above and beyond to do so.

Cody Rhodes recently opened up about his return to the company, shedding light on the pivotal role played by Nick Khan in facilitating his comeback. It turns out that Nick Khan’s tireless efforts in WWE were certainly seen by the American Nightmare.

After a six-year hiatus, Cody made a triumphant return at WrestleMania 38, engaging in a marquee singles match against Seth Rollins. Since then, he has ascended to the top of WWE, emerging as a top babyface on WWE RAW. While Cody acknowledged the significant contributions of Vince McMahon and Triple H, he offered special recognition to Nick Khan for affording him substantial creative freedom, making his return to WWE not only seamless but also creatively fulfilling.

During his appearance on the After the Bell podcast this week, Cody expressed his gratitude for this second stint with the company, highlighting the importance of Nick Khan’s support in his journey. Cody’s return has not only reinvigorated his career but also invigorated WWE’s product, showcasing the power of collaboration between talent and management in the world of professional wrestling.


“I feel like there’s Vince and there’s Hunter, there’s plenty of top brass in WWE. But I’ll tell you a guy I feel like gave me the keys to the kingdom. It was Nick Khan. I feel like Nick Khan really gave me the keys to the kingdom when I signed and ever since then, every department, everybody, I have such an appreciation for that. They ain’t 9 to 5ers. They live it, they breathe it.”

“I’ll be honest, when I was here the first time, I went two tears before I introduced myself to Marty the cameraman. Two years before I knew Stu on the floor, his name. I just was immature and flying a million miles an hour and not knowing what’s what and how important everybody is.” 

Cody Rhodes has certainly learned a lot since he started in the pro wrestling business. All of those lessons joined together into the perfect recipe, and now we will have to see where Cody Rhodes does next in his career.

Only time will tell when and how Cody Rhodes finishes his story, but he certainly jumped into an incredible run with WWE. At this time, he is poised for greatness, and fans are along for the ride.

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