AEW has a lot of things in motion with All In London coming up on August 27th. It might also be possible for one star to make his return soon enough.

Santana suffered a torn ACL during the 2022 Blood & Guts match and has been sidelined from in-ring action ever since. Following a prolonged absence from social media, Santana has recently made a comeback, sharing vignettes. However, despite these updates, Santana has not yet made a return to the wrestling ring.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that Santana and Ortiz were not on good terms, and that was even before his injury. That being said, it’s not likely that they will work together again, but Santana is ready for his return.

For those asking, we’re told that as of him being cleared for a return, he and Ortiz were still not on good terms. However, that had been the case for quite a while before the injury, and it’s not impossible that the two can work together again following his return.


Speaking of Ortiz – there’s plenty adding to the traction that could mean he’s planned for a spot on the Wembley AEW All In card. Ortiz was scheduled for a Limitless Wrestling show next weekend, but was pulled from the event. In following up, we were told it was due to an AEW related obligation. There are several wrestlers not booked for the card that are being sent to the UK, but we’ve also heard of plenty that aren’t.

Only time will tell how Tony Khan deals with this situation. Santana and Ortiz were brought in as the former LAX from Impact Wrestling, and they had a nice run in AEW. Sadly, it seems that the two aren’t seeing eye-to-eye anymore.

Some have said that AEW dropped the ball with Proud n Powerful. Despite thought that Ortiz and Santana might work things out, it appears that the team is done.

Santana vs Ortiz might write itself, but that’s only if they are willing to work together. At this point, it seems that the former Inner Circle members are going to stay separated, and that doesn’t give AEW a ton of options.

What’s your take on Santana and Ortiz breaking up like this? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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