A former defensive lineman from Syracuse University is poised to embark on a new career journey as a rookie talent in WWE, marking yet another instance of the company’s interest in recruiting individuals from diverse athletic backgrounds.

On August 2nd, WWE held a tryout event, aimed at scouting potential talents who would be given the opportunity to train and potentially earn contracts with the prestigious WWE Performance Center.

The event saw participation from a total of 54 college athletes, including 15 football players. In an effort to ensure a successful tryout, WWE enlisted established talents such as Zoey Stark, along with the expertise of Vice President of Global Talent Development, William Regal.

While the exact number of tryout participants who secured WWE contracts remains undisclosed, one former college athlete has exuded confidence in their future with the company. This development aligns with WWE’s ongoing pursuit of identifying and nurturing promising talents from an array of athletic disciplines.


Amid the anticipation surrounding the transition of athletes into the professional wrestling domain, the prospective WWE rookie’s background as a former defensive lineman at Syracuse University adds an intriguing layer to their impending debut. The impending arrival of this new talent reinforces WWE’s role as a platform that offers exciting opportunities beyond traditional sports.

A recent interview with the Rockford Register Star, former Syracuse University Defensive Lineman Josh Black, sheds light on his WWE journey. Black disclosed that he received a call from WWE on August 17th, offering him a three-year deal. Expressing his initial uncertainty about WWE’s interest, Black emphasized that the wait was undoubtedly worthwhile. After spending six years in college football and aspiring to join the NFL, he found his path diverted to WWE due to his unmatched determination and standout performance during the tryout.

Reflecting on his feelings, Black mentioned, “I was a little worried, sure, but I knew I had a good thing going. I knew I did well at that tryout.” He further revealed that he anticipates signing the contract within a week, envisioning a new chapter in Orlando, Florida in the next two to three months.

This move by WWE underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to nurturing a diverse range of talents, showcasing its willingness to explore uncharted territories to unearth the next generation of wrestling superstars.

As the company continues to tap into non-traditional wrestling backgrounds, WWE remains a catalyst for aspirants to realize their dreams and transition into the world of sports entertainment.

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