WWE’s Monday Night RAW is set to feature an intriguing segment involving Shinsuke Nakamura, as the company has officially announced that Nakamura will take the center stage with a live microphone.

During this segment, Nakamura is anticipated to disclose the contents of the whisper he shared with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins during their encounter on RAW this past week.

The turn of events unfolded during the August 7th episode of RAW when Nakamura exhibited a heel persona by launching a vicious attack on Seth Rollins. Responding to Nakamura’s unanticipated actions, Rollins declared his willingness to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Nakamura whenever the latter deemed fit.

Nakamura extended a handshake to Rollins, ostensibly embracing a gesture of sportsmanship. However, this veneer of goodwill concealed a hidden agenda. As Nakamura firmly shook Rollins’ hand, he leaned in and whispered something into the champion’s ear. The mysterious utterance appeared to leave Rollins visibly perturbed, setting the stage for Nakamura to decisively incapacitate him.


As WWE gears up for the Payback PLE event scheduled for September 2nd, a highly anticipated clash between Rollins and Nakamura for the World Heavyweight Championship seems imminent. While the official announcement of this showdown is yet to transpire, the unveiling of Nakamura’s whispered words could serve as a pivotal moment in the buildup to this anticipated encounter.

In addition to the revelation of Nakamura’s cryptic message, RAW’s upcoming episode boasts other matchups. The Intercontinental Champion Gunther is poised to square off against Chad Gable. Furthermore, the tag team clash between Drew McIntyre & Matt Riddle and The New Day’s Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods adds to the night’s excitement.

As WWE’s RAW continues to navigate the intricate web of rivalries and revelations, the forthcoming segment featuring Shinsuke Nakamura’s revelation promises to captivate fans.

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