WWE held SummerSlam in Detroit, but Kevin Owens was not on the show. That being said, the Tag Team Champion was still around. The company just dropped video of the Prizefighter at the zoo, and it appears that he had a wonderful time.

Earlier this month, WWE’s SummerSlam arrived in Detroit, Michigan, and Kevin Owens didn’t miss the show. Although, his excitement wasn’t all centered around wrestling. In a recently released YouTube video by WWE, Owens’ escapade to the Detroit Zoo was documented.

Kevin Owens shared his genuine enthusiasm, stating, “SummerSlam is fantastic, but being in Detroit takes it to another level. You know what had me genuinely, absolutely, extraordinarily excited? It’s because every time WWE rolls into town, I try to make it to the zoo, but we never quite manage due to our tight schedules during wrestling tours. However, with SummerSlam, we arrive a few days earlier to engage in media, appearances, and all that jazz. I knew this time I’d finally have the chance to explore the Detroit Zoo.”

The video shows Kevin Owens exploring the zoo’s indoor penguin exhibit, enjoying a leisurely train ride around the zoo, feeding giraffes, and venturing into an underwater tunnel surrounded by graceful polar bears gliding through the water. Owens even playfully intervened to stop a minor squabble between some children.


“This might just be the best day of my life so far,” Owens expressed. “Though the final verdict is still pending. It’s definitely a top-five contender, without a doubt.”

Right now, Kevin Owens is on the sidelines nursing an injury, with no precise timeline for his return to action. Yet, he retains the “WWE Raw” and “WWE SmackDown” Tag Team Championships alongside his partner Sami Zayn. Zayn, who himself recently returned from an injury, made his comeback on the most recent episode of “Raw,” triumphing over JD McDonagh in a singles match.

We will have to see what Kevin Owens does next, but he’s still part of the Undisputed Tag Team Champions alongside Sami Zayn. WWE didn’t yank him from that slot on the roster, so he will return. Owens’ comeback will also certainly ring a huge pop whenever it happens.

What’s your take on Kevin Owens’ break from WWE? Who should challenge for the Tag Team Titles next? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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