Saraya has ton of fans all around the world, and some of them might like to try her favorite things. It appears that those fans might really trust Saraya if they’re willing to give one of her favorite food combos to the test.

Pro wrestling fans might have been a bit shocked to learn something new about Saraya. It turns out that while some people like to dip their pizza in different sauces, the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion has another condiment in mind.

Saraya posted on TikTok to let fans know what she prefers mayonnaise on her pizza. That might make some fans gag, but she was quick to defend her choice on Twitter.

Someone said on my last TikTok post that all the hate I get should be because I dip my pizza in mayonnaise. I thought I would share it on Twitter just so you guys can roast me for it too. But try it. It’s delicious.


Although some fans might argue that ranch dressing and mayo are similar, they are not the same. This might not be a big winner for some fans, but odds are Saraya’s recommendation will cause some fans to give it a try.

This is also the kind of thing that most fans might want to try at home. After all, a lot of pizza shops might not even have mayo on the menu if they stick to strict Italian dishes.

What’s your take on Saraya’s food choice? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking! As always, leave those comments in the section below.

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