Ricochet is viewed as one of the best in-ring competitors in WWE. The super athletic star has garnered a solid fanbase thanks to his dedication to his craft. Ricochet goes to extra lengths and puts his body on the line for the entertainment of fans. He was also excited after hitting Brock Lesnar in his ‘under regions.’

During the 2020 Royal Rumble, Ricochet made his way out as the #15 entrant in the match and wasted no time in hitting Brock Lesnar with a low blow, which led to Lesnar’s exit from the match.

While speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Ricochet recalled the moment he hit a low blow on Brock Lesnar, making it clear that he was jubilant after hitting the move on The Beast Incarnate.

“The Royal Rumble was pretty cool. To be honest, when I kicked Brock Lesnar in the under regions, I was like I did it! I did it! Although I was nervous. But not all the time, but a couple of times you’re sitting there. It’s really the fans, it’s you guys. When they react in a way you didn’t really expect. You always want a good reaction, you always want them to cheer. When they react in a way, you can just sit there and be like, ‘That was cool!'”


Ricochet will be squaring off against Logan Paul during the WWE SummerSlam Premium Live Event this week. We’ll have to wait and see if he will be able to defeat The Maverick.

What are your thoughts on what Ricochet said? Were you happy he hit a low blow on Brock Lesnar? Sound off in the comments!

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