In an amusing twist, Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch are set to face off on WWE RAW in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. However, when Adam Pearce announced the match, he mentioned that Stratus would have “homefield advantage” due to being in Canada.

Trish Stratus took to Twitter to disagree with this notion and clarified that just because she’s from Canada doesn’t mean she hails from Winnipeg.

In her tweet, Stratus playfully checked her availability for the match on August 14 and then addressed Adam Pearce, who is also known as Scrap Daddy. She humorously pointed out that Winnipeg is not a home field advantage for her since she is actually from Toronto, not Winnipeg.

“Checking to see if I’m even available on the 14th…


And @ScrapDaddyAP, Winnipeg is NOT a home field advantage. I’m from Toronto, you idiot.”

Trish’s playful tweet adds a fun element to the upcoming match and showcases her witty personality. Fans can look forward to witnessing this showdown between two iconic WWE Superstars on the upcoming episode of WWE RAW.

Isn’t it hilarious to see Trish Stratus and Adam Pearce bantering on Twitter about the “homefield advantage” mix-up? Leave us a comment below.

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