It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means! AEW Dynamite will go down tonight, and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

The start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight promises another exciting night of action as it is the 200th episode of Dynamite. We will get to witness Aussie Open defend the ROH World Tag Team Championship against El Hijo Del Vikingo and Komander. Also scheduled for tonight is a triple-threat match between Jon Moxley, Trent Baretta, and Penta El Zero Miedo. The complete match card is as follows:

  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs. Hikaru Shida
  • Chris Jericho & Konosuke Takeshita vs. Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia
  • Jack Perry comes face-to-face with Jerry Lynn
  • The Elite vs. Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, & Satnam Singh
  • We’ll hear from MJF
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship: Aussie Open (c) vs. El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander
  • Anything Goes Match: Jon Moxley vs. Trent Baretta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

AEW Dynamite Opener:

The opening package for the show airs.


Chris Jericho & Konosuke Takeshita vs. Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia

Chris Jericho’s music plays and he walks to the ring. Konosuke Takeshita is in the ring. Sammy Guevara’s music plays and he comes out with Daniel Garcia.

The match starts with Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. Jericho knocks down Guevara but he gets up. Both men exchange strikes. Guevara with a dropkick. Jericho gets up and they exchange chops. Guevara hits a jumpiong knee strike. He tags out.

Garcia takes down Jericho. Jericho tags out. Takeshita hits a clothesline. Jericho tags in and attacks Garcia. Jericho with a back suplex. Jericho hits a suplex on Garcia. Garcia is distracted by Don Callis and Jericho takes advantage from behind.

Jericho chops Garcia in the corner. Takeshita tags in and attacks Garcia and Guevara. He hits a senton. He locks in the abdominal stretch. Takeshita with a backbreaker. He tags out.

Jericho chops down Garcia. Garcia tries to fight back but is knocked down. Jericho goes for the lionsault but Garcia gets his knees up. Both men tag out. Guevara with a crossbody. He sends Jericho and Takeshita out of the ring and dives onto both of them. He hits a frog splash on Takeshita. Cover! 1….2….Jericho makes the save.

Takeshita hit the blue thunder bomb. Jericho tags in and Guevara hit the Spanish fly. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Both men take each other out. Garcia tags in. Jericho hits him with a codebreaker. Cover! 1…..2….kick out.

Garcia with a flying kick. Cover! 1….2….Takeshita makes the save. Guevara takes him out with a thrust kick. He then hits a shooting star press on Takeshita. Jericho foes for the Judas effect but Garcia rolls him up. Garcia locks in the dragon tamer. Callis hits Garcia with the bat. Jericho doesn’t look happy but he pins Garcia.

Winner: Chris Jericho & Konosuke Takeshita

Tony Khan is backstage and he says they’re celebrating 200 episodes of Dynamite. He thanks the fans who made it possible to host AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.

*Commercial break*

Tony Schiavone introduces Jack Perry. Jack Perry’s music plays and he walks to the ring. He grabs the mic from Tony and says he gave Jerry a week and he calls him out. Jerry Lynn’s music hit and he comes out. He gets on the mic and says Jack doesn’t run the show.

He says he won’t make an example out of Perry because that will be child abuse. He says no doctor will clear him to get back in the ring but he has called an old friend who wrestled in ECW.

RVD’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Jack Perry rolls out of the ring and walks to the back. Jack tries to attack RVD with a chair but he evades and nearly kicks his head off. But Jack rolls out of the ring.

Anything Goes Match: Jon Moxley vs. Trent Baretta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

Trent Baretta’s music plays and he walks to the ring. Penta El Zero Miedo’s theme song plays next and he comes down to the ring. Jon Moxley’s entrance music plays next and he makes his way to the ring.

Trent dives onto Moxley to start the match. Penta dives onto Trent. He hits the sling blade on Moxley. Trent spears Penta and Moxley clotheslines Trent. He sends Trent into the ring. Penta hits Moxley with a trash can.

He hits Trent with a trash can. Moxley comes back with a cutter. Penta with a superkick to Moxley. He then hits a backstabber on Moxley. Trent hits Penta with a trash can lid. Moxley attacks Trent with the 2X4. He hits a piledriver on Trent. Trent with a back suplex on the 2X4.

Penta drags Trent out of the ring. He sets up a couple of tables on the outside. Penta climbs the top rope but is stopped by Moxley who attacks him using the 2X4. Trent fights back and suplexes Moxley through the table.

Penta sends another table in the ring. Trent hits Penta with a trash can. He then sets up the ladder in the corner. Moxley locks in a sleeper hold on Penta. He then hits the anvil elbows. Moxley sets up the ladder against the corner. Trent attacks him with the trash can.

All three men exchange strikes. Trent and Penta superkick Moxley. Penta with a thrust kick on Trent. Penta climbs the top rope but is stopped. Penta hit the avalanche destroyer through the table. Moxley sends Pent into the table.

Moxley places the thumbtacks in the ring. He hits the Gotch-style piledriver on Penta. Cover! 1….2…..kick out. Moxley slams Penta on the tacks. Moxley hit the cutter.Trent comes back with the storm zero. Cover! 1….2….Penta makes the save.

All three men exchange strikes. Penta with a thrust kick on Trent and Moxley hits a clothesline. Penatr and Moxley exchange strike. He hits the paradigm shift. Trent with a knee strike on Moxley and he pins Penta.

Winner: Trent Baretta

After the match, Moxley locks in the sleeper hold on Trent. Claudio and Wheeler come out but Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy attack them and a brawl breaks out. Trent dives onto Blackpool Combat Club.

Taylor throws a chair at Claudio. Cassidy with a Orange Punch on Moxley. Taylor gets on the mic and challenges them to a match for a parking lot brawl match this Friday.

*Commercial break*

Renee interviews RVD who says next week he wants to challenge Jack for the FTW Championship. He says after he wins the title, he raises the title’s value before retiring.

MJF’s music plays and he walks to the ring. He gets on the mic and says he is a little emotional and he wants to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the fans. He says he has ADD and with that comes a lot of disorders. He says he cannot regulate rejection disorders.

He says he has been bullied and cheated on and he has blacked out a lot of it but he remembers the day some kids threw some quarters at him and asked him to pick it up. He says he can still feel the sensation of the quarters hitting his skin. He then says if he wanted to protect himself then he had to stab everyone in the back but he now realizes that is no way to life. He then says this made him a scumbag.

He says getting people to hate him is easy but being vulnerable is hard. He says he knew if he opened himself up and if people booed him, it would hurt him. He says he is not scared anymore and it’s because of the fans. He says the fans thought him that they care about Max. He says he is not going to change overnight but he is ready to be the fans’ scumbag.

MJF says one person taught him that even he deserves a friend. He then introduces Adam Cole. Adam Cole walks out to the ring. Cole says MJF continues to impress him every day. He says it’s not just because he is one of the best in the world but because of the man he is becoming.

Cole says MJF is not alone. He says he was a jerk for years because he was scared and didn’t understand what it takes to be a man. He says the people love and adore MJF because they know he is a good guy.

Cole says he is proud of him. MJF says he loves that Cole is wearing their new t-shirt. He says he called Cole out here because he promised him that he will give him a shot at the AEW World Championship. He then says Cole doesn’t deserve just any match but he deserves the match in front of the most historic crowd in the main event at All In. He says there is no one he wants to make history with more than Cole and asks him to sign the contract.

Cole signs the contract and places it on the ground. Cole says he loves MJF and they both hug in the ring. Roderick Strong is destroying the equipment backstage. The Kingdom enters and reminds him who his real friends are.

The Elite vs. Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, & Satnam Singh

The Elite’s music plays and they walk to the ring. Jeff Jarrett’s music plays and he comes out with his group.

The match begins with Omega and Jarrett. Jeff knocks down Omega. He bodyslams Omega. Lethal tags in and Omega hits an arm drag. Matt tags in and attacks Jay Lethal. He tags out and Nick continues to attack Lethal. He tags out. Satnam tags in. He goes for a tag but The Elite doesn’t want to tag in. He tags in Nick and they both dropkick him.

Satnam takes them out with a crossbody. Satnam bodyslams Nick. Jeff tags in and attacks Nick in the corner. Lethal tags in and knocks down Nick. Lethal with a dropkick to Nick. Jarrett tags in and continues to attack Nick. Nick superkicks Jeff.

He tags out and Omega attacks Jeff and hits the rolling senton on Lethal and follows it with a moonsault but he gets his knees up. The Young Bucks superkick him and Jarrett. They cut Satnam down to size and superkick him. Omega with the V trigger. Karen distracts the referee and Sonjay attacks him from behind before running out of the ring. Lethal hits the lethal combination. Cutler sprays Karen in the face. The Hardys come out and attack Sonjay.

Jeff gets the guitar and goes to hit Omega but misses and Page hits the buckshot lariat. Omega hits the one winged angel on Lethal for the win.

Winner: The Elite

Omega gets on the mic and says they have some news and offers the mic to Page. He says The Elite has re-signed with AEW. Hence, tonight they are so happy to be here. Omega then says they are going to be seeing more of them and he bids the fans adieu.

The Modul Embassy are backstage. Fox asks why didn’t Darby thank him when he got signed to AEW. He says he is going to take back everything he gave him. Swerve says they take care of each other. The video of Swerve entering Buddy Wayne Academy plays. They attack the other trainees and Nick Wayne. Nick tries to reach for his phone. He says Wayne to unlock his phone and he does. Swerve calls Darby. He asks how come he couldn’t make a phone call to Fox. He then says they are here to haunt him.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: Aussie Open (c) vs. El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander

Aussie Open’s music plays and they walk to the ring.

*Commercial break*

El Hijo Del Vikingo’s music plays and he comes out with Komander.

The match starts with Fletcher and Vikingo. Vikingo knocks down Fletcher and hits a hurricanrana. He tags out and Komander hit a hurricanrana on Davis. Davis tags in and kicks Komander in the face. He tags out and Fletcher attacks Komander in the corner.

Aussie Open with a double-team move. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Komander tries to fight back but is stopped. Vikingo tags in and dropkicks Davis. Vikingo hits a leg drop on Fletcher. He tags out and they dive onto Aussie Open but are caught and slammed into each other.

Fletcher sends Komander into the ring. He then hits a bodyslam. Davis tags in and goes to work on Komander. Fletcher tags in and hits a suplex. Davis tags in and goes for a senton and misses. Vikingo tags in and dropkicks Davis. He kicks Fletcher. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Aussie Open double-team Vikingo. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Komander hits the destroyer on Fletcher and Vikingo hit the crucifix bomb on Davis. They hit the double moonsault on Aussie Open. Vikingo and Komander hit the 450 splash. Cover! 1…2….Fletcher breaks it up.

Komander hit the shooting star and misses. Davis with a high kick. Aussie open hit the Coriolas for the win.

Winner: Aussie Open (c)

*Commercial break*

AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

Hikaru Shida’s music plays and she walks to the ring. The Outcasts’ music plays next and they come out to the ring.

The match starts and both women exchange strikes. Storm rolls out of the ring. Storm gets back in the ring. Shida knocks her down and attacks her. Saraya distracts Shida. She sends Storm into the barricade. Storm slams Shida on the barricade.

Storm sends Shida into the ring and slams her face on the turnbuckle. Shida suplexes Storm in the corner. Storm recovers and goes to work on Shida. Storm with the hip attack. The Outcasts attack Shida on the outside.

Storm sends her into the ring and goes to work on Shida. Storm throws Shida across the ring. She attacks Shida in the corner. Storm hits a suplex on Shida. Storm with a full Nelson on Shida.

Storm goes for the hip attack but Shida catches her and hits a German suplex. Shida with a running knee strike. Shida attacks her in the corner. Shida dropkicks her. Shida with a meteora on Storm. Cover! 1….2…..kick out.

Storm with a DDT from the top rope. Storm hits the hip attack in the corner and she hits the DDT. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Both women exchange strikes. Shida with a falcon arrow. Saraya sends the kendo stick in the ring. Shida goes to hit her and stope. She hits Soho with the kendo stick. Storm spray paints her and hits the storm zero. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Shida recovers and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida (c)

This ends our live coverage of AEW Dynamite!

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