Vince McMahon ruffled a few feathers during the RAW after WrestleMania. He changed up several aspects of the show during the broadcast, and that resulted in quite a bit of controversy. Seth Rollins was also captured on camera acting very upset when his promo was cut short.

Click here to check out video footage of Seth Rollins upset over this segment during the RAW after WrestleMania. It was quite a piece of fan footage, and it made the rounds in rapid fashion.

While speaking to SI Media with Jimmy Traina, Seth Rollins opened up about this subject in candid detail. He admitted that it was all blamed on miscommunication.

“That was not a big deal. I was upset, but it was mostly production, a miscommunication.


“That was the night after Mania, and the intent of the segment was to go to break with the audience singing my song, allow them to sing during the break, come back up, they might still be singing, and then drift off into nothingness.

“For whatever reason, that never made it through to production, so when we go to commercial, instead of letting the crowd party, they did the thing where they black the house, shut down the music, and play the stupid video packages, which messed up what the whole plan was.

“The crowd was trying to sing, but you have Stone Cold Steve Austin talking about Broken Skull Ranch. ‘Did no one get the memo?’

“It was just a production snafu. In the middle of the commercial break, I’m yelling to try to get it turned off so they could keep singing, but it was already a disaster.

“The crowd was confused and didn’t know what to make of it. We came back and did the rest of the segment, but it didn’t translate the way you wanted because the crowd wasn’t able to participate the way the segment was meant to be planned.

“I wasn’t really upset about that, it was just a bad handling.”

During that segment in question, Seth Rollins was in the ring during WWE Monday Night Raw’s commercial break. At that time, there was a noteworthy moment involving the Drip God, who defeated Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39. In a backstage segment, Rollins expressed his satisfaction with his victory and stated that it sent Paul and KSI back to the “wasteland” of social media.

Seth Rollins also mentioned that something was missing from the night and that the real party was out in the ring, not in the back. He then walked out to the ring, but the show cut to a commercial. When the show returned, Rollins was seen with his arms open while the crowd chanted his theme. However, moments later, Rollins abruptly left the ring without saying a word.

Rumors came out after that saying Seth Rollins left the building right after that, and he wasn’t happy. Those were since dismissed, but it still left a pretty lasting impression on fans.

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