Saraya has voiced her desire to see the women’s division shine at the upcoming AEW All In event. When asked about her plans for the show, she demonstrated a selfless approach, putting her own opinions aside to focus on the division as a whole.

Saraya believes that the women in AEW deserve a significant opportunity to showcase their talents at such a major event. With AEW All In expected to be a longer show, she sees the potential for multiple women’s matches to be featured. Saraya emphasized the importance of ample time for the women to tell their stories and build compelling narratives leading up to what she believes will be the biggest wrestling event in history.

“Well. It’s a big show, gonna be a longer one too. Putting my opinion about me to the side and thinking of the division as a whole. I think the women deserve an opportunity and with ample time we could have multiple matches and really utilize the weeks between now and until then to start telling a couple different stories leading up to what’s gonna be the biggest wrestling event in history,” Saraya wrote.

Her advocacy for the women’s division highlights her commitment to promoting female talent in the industry and creating opportunities for them to shine on a grand stage.


Do you agree with Saraya’s perspective on the women’s division at AEW All In? Do you believe it’s crucial for major wrestling events to give ample time and opportunities for female talent to showcase their skills and tell compelling stories? Leave us a comment below.

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