Hulk Hogan is two-time WWE Hall of Famer, and his legacy in the pro wrestling business. His name was a huge breakthrough and a crossover to pop culture. Despite the controversy surrounding his name, apparently, people still want the Hulkster on reality television.

Hogan Knows Best ran on VH1 for years, and some might contribute that show to Hogan’s downfall. A lot of things happened on that show that Hogan might not want to revisit, but it will always be a part of his past.

Despite not actively wrestling for a considerable period, Hogan’s name continues to carry immense weight and recognition. As a result, he constantly receives offers for various content projects.

During a recent interview with Theo Von on This Past Weekend, Hogan shared insights into his ongoing endeavors and also revealed some of the opportunities he has declined. Hogan’s enduring appeal and the demand for his involvement in content creation demonstrate the lasting impact he has had on the world of entertainment.


“I’ve turned down a bunch of movies. Whole bunch of TV shows. I get calls all the time. With the content I have now with the bar, the restaurant, the retail store, my son is here, my daughter is here, my new baby [his fiance Sky Daily] has three kids. There is all kinds of content. Everyone is banging me all the time to do reality shows. I just shut it all down. Even with appearances and autograph sessions, I use Prince Marketing when I do stuff. Sometimes, the WWE will call me to do stuff. I still work for them, but I’ll kind of pass on that, or I’ll do it. It depends on what the weather is like.”

During the Hulkamania Era, Hulk Hogan rose to iconic status in wrestling, becoming one of the sport’s greatest stars. Beyond wrestling, he successfully ventured into movies and television, solidifying his status as a household name in the entertainment industry.

Fans would still turn out in a big way to see Hulk Hogan on a reality television show. If anything, his absence from the screen on such a consistent basis might have added to his mystique. Only time will tell if Hogan Knows Best 2 gets green lit, but Hulk Hogan might entertain the thought.

What’s your take on Hulk Hogan getting another reality television show? Is that a good idea? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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