Andrew Tate is a controversial figure on the global stage, known for his polarizing reputation. It’s uncommon to see prominent celebrities openly associating with or discussing him due to his controversial nature. However, a recent viral video featuring Dwayne Johnson caught the attention of keen-eyed fans, who noticed similarities between the sentences Johnson said in the video and those previously spoken by Tate during a past podcast appearance.

Despite the divisive opinions surrounding Andrew Tate’s persona, there is a segment of fans who find his provocative demeanor strangely appealing, despite criticism labeling it as toxic and misogynistic. Interestingly, Tate is not often seen in close friendships with mainstream celebrities, preferring to forge connections primarily within the realms of YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

In the video, Johnson can be heard preparing for his gym session and expressing good wishes to everyone for a productive work week ahead. He shared a transformation in his mindset regarding work, emphasizing that he now uses positive language, saying, “I get to go to work” instead of “I have to go to work.” Coincidentally, similar words were previously spoken by Andrew Tate, as he told his devoted followers to change their language and appreciate their opportunities, such as being able to work or spend time with loved ones.

Due to the apparent similarity in their perspective on work using the “I get to” approach, some fans were intrigued and wondered if Johnson holds admiration for Tate.


The Rock has not publicly commented on any admiration for Andrew Tate. Certain things he has said certainly brought attention his way, because even the Great One might be a fan of the Top G.

We will have to see if The Rock comments on this situation. If anything, it certainly gave fans something to discuss. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more updates, and as always, chime in by using the comments below!

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