The Bella Twins made a lot of noise during their time in WWE, and they also reached Hall of Fame status in the process. Now, it appears that there is a new set of twins on the block, and the Cavinder Twins are already huge social media influencers.

WWE has a lot of Superstars of tomorrow around, and a few of them are under contract. The Cavinder Twins plan on making more WWE appearances in the future as well.

The Cavinder Twins recently shared an exciting TikTok video featuring the Bella Twins, showcasing a fun dance routine. This gesture seems to symbolize the passing of the torch from the iconic Bella Twins to the up-and-coming WWE twins, the Cavinder Twins.

The caption on the video reads: “When the Bella Twins passed the torch to us.”


We will have to see what is next for the Cavinder Twins. They certainly have a huge audience on social media. Only time will tell how much money they make for WWE.

The Bella Twins were really groundbreaking during their time in WWE, but do they need to pass the torch? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

@cavindertwins double trouble x 2 @WWE #foryou #wwe #twins ♬ and my man thank you to my man latto casa di remix – CasaDi
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