Baron Corbin has accomplished a lot in the ring, and he’s also no stranger to the kitchen. The grill is also his home, so Corbin considers himself a well-rounded chef. At least, Corbin has a high opinion of himself.

Baron Corbin cosplayed as TikTok star Chef Reactions, where he gave himself a glowing review. From the steak’s color to its seasoning, Corbin gave himself incredibly high marks.

Chef Reactions replied by sharing a clip of himself reacting to a video of Corbin. To rub things in a bit, Chef Reactions also had a WWE Title belt over his shoulder, as he took a dig at Corbin’s chances of ever holding that championship.

“Since we’re doing cosplay today, I thought I’d show Baron Corbin what a WWE Title looks like because he’s never gonna get close to one ever. Remember how I said I was rent-free in this big oaf’s head? Turns out that I’m actually going to put a down payment on it, so you’re looking at the proud owner of a big, bald skull with nothing in it. My man went out and bought a chef coat, glasses and a heat just to do a mediocre impression of me, which is pretty much all you can expect coming from him.”


“Speaking of things you’ll never have, how about tickets to SummerSlam? Because I’m gonna be there while you’re sitting at home playing with your scallops. Or maybe you might be there, parking cars in the parking lot. Either way, don’t forget to tip him because he needs it. Oh, Baron’s also doing this new thing where he’s revamping his career with no gimmicks, no BS, which is actually gonna pair quite well with the no charisma, no personality, no talent, and no fans that he’s been perfecting all these years so far. Yeah, feed [the food] to your dog, eight of ten, would eat.”

Baron Corbin has not responded to Chef Reactions at this point. Only time will tell if he tries to critique himself, but it appears that the the TikTok star certainly won this round.

Baron Corbin is back in NXT, where he is getting a fresh gimmick. Things could take an unpredictable turn at any time. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

WWE is sending main roster talent back to NXT for a bit of a refresher, and Baron Corbin is one of them. What’s your take on this practice? Sound off in the comments below!

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