AEW and NJPW star Kenny Omega responded to criticism about his match against Will Ospreay at the 2023 AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door event, specifically addressing concerns about the level of danger involved in the match.

While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Omega acknowledged that there are people who complain and try to position themselves on a pedestal by criticizing the perceived dangerous nature of the match. However, he defended their approach, stating that the high-risk moves and spots made sense within the context of the match and were intended to evoke emotion. He also expressed confidence in his abilities and his belief that he would come out of the moves unscathed.

Drawing a comparison to boxing, Omega referenced Mike Tyson’s style of fighting, which was widely considered dangerous due to his aggressive approach and staying close to his opponents. He questioned whether critics would suggest Tyson should have fought in a different style to protect his brain, highlighting that the danger inherent in Tyson’s style was what made him the iconic figure he was.

Omega emphasized that he should be allowed to wrestle the way he knows how, rejecting attempts to dictate his wrestling style. He asserted that there is always a risk involved in any physical endeavor, but his confidence in his abilities and understanding of the sport guide his decisions.


In a direct message to his critics, Omega urged them to refrain from telling him how to wrestle. He concluded by stating that those who criticize his wrestling style are not qualified to make such judgments and should simply “shut the f— up.”

“There are people who want to complain and put themselves on a pedestal by saying what we did was dangerous. Well, you think? So I’ve been asked, why did we do it? It made sense in the match and evoked emotion. And we both knew I would end up coming out of the move unscathed. Is there a risk? Sure. There’s always a risk.”

“Look at the way Mike Tyson boxed. His style was so dangerous, he stayed so close to his opponent. What was he doing boxing in-style? Shouldn’t he have fought more stick-and-move and waited for the counterpunch? Wouldn’t that have been better for his brain? Didn’t he understand how dangerous it was? But that’s what made him Mike Tyson. Don’t tell me not to wrestle the way I know how to wrestle. Is there a risk? Was there a risk when Mike Tyson was fighting within inches of space between another championship-level boxer throwing power punches? Of course. But Tyson was confident in his abilities, and he knew he was the best. So don’t tell Mike Tyson how to box, and don’t tell Tyson Smith [Omega’s real name] how to wrestle. You aren’t even close to being qualified. Just shut the f— up.”

While acknowledging the risks involved, Omega asserts his right to wrestle in his own style and encourages critics to respect his expertise and experience.

What are your thoughts on Kenny Omega’s response to criticism about the perceived dangerous nature of his match against Will Ospreay? Should wrestlers have the freedom to wrestle in their own style, even if it involves high-risk moves? Leave a comment.

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