The Rock is always quick on the draw when it comes to whipping out a reply. It appears that he is at it once again, proving that he can still fire off a comeback when needed.

Grayson Waller is getting a lot of attention from WWE fans. The Rock was recently the target of Waller’s quest for engagement, and it worked out big time.

Grayson Waller dropped video where he belittled The Rock a bit. He also put himself over in a big way.

I change my mind, my MSG debut was better


The Rock saw this tweet from Grayson Waller, and he had to comment. First off, The Great One agreed that his debut gear was terrible. That was a good start, as he continued making a blunt point about Grayson Waller.

Man you’re right!

That outfit was so cringe

Here’s what’s more cringe – the fact you look and sound like you dropped out of some jabroni’s balloon knot. Nice haircut, you Outback Jack Off. Ps, my cringe debut outfit was all @TripleH’s idea

WWE has a lot of rising stars, and Grayson Waller is certainly one of them. He apparently caught The Rock’s attention as well, which would be an incredible rub if Grayson Waller gets to work with The Rock in any fashion.

We will have to see what’s in The Rock’s future. A return to the ring gets harder to picture the further we get down the line. If anything, Grayson Waller might be waiting for the People’s Champion.

What’s your take on Grayson Waller’s booking in WWE? Is he a future WWE Hall of Famer? Sound off in the comments!

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