Grayson Waller has a lot of momentum already in WWE, but he’s only had one match on the main roster. He was injured when he made that debut on the main roster, but they used him anyway with the Grayson Waller Effect. Now, fans will get to see what Waller can do in the ring.

Edge and Grayson Waller threw down in Madison Square Garden during SmackDown. That was quite a show, and a lot of fans really loved seeing it go down. Waller didn’t win that match, but he still swam instead of sinking.

Grayson Waller is always one to toot his own horn. It appears that he figured out another way to gloat about his accomplishments.

Some people send messages via their social media bios, by deleting something or even adding another line of text. Grayson Waller updated his bio on Twitter.


Grayson Waller updated his bio on Twitter to say: “Madison Square Garden main eventer.” That should send a message that he wants to convey, for sure.

We will have to see what Grayson Waller does next in WWE. He is off to a very strong start. It appears that he will probably keep raking up those accomplishments, so he can always add to that bio.

Grayson Waller has a lot of eye on him, but is he a future WWE World Champion? Sound off in the comments!

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