WWE’s Money in the Bank event is over this year, and the show stands in a lone line of MITB traditions. Everything needed to start somewhere, and now we have a bit of a story from someone who was in the room when history was made.

For nearly two decades, Money in the Bank has become a fixture of WWE television, and fans have grown accustomed to the concept of the briefcase and its cash-in. Throughout its history, there have been only two instances where the case was used in advance to announce an upcoming title match: Rob Van Dam in 2006 and John Cena in 2012, who cashed in their contracts for major upcoming shows.

It has now come to light that this was not the original intention for the Money in the Bank concept. On a recent episode of SmackDown, the women’s Money in the Bank winner, IYO SKY, teased cashing in her briefcase on Asuka, but her plans were thwarted by Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair.

In response to the clip on Twitter, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz revealed that the modern-day “cash in” we see today was not the initial plan for how the Money in the Bank briefcase was intended to be used. The reveal suggests that the current practice of cashing in the briefcase was a departure from the original concept and adds an intriguing layer to the history and evolution of the Money in the Bank match.


Funny thing is this was never the initial intention of MIB. The “cash in” was always supposed to set up a title match for a PPV. Then someone (correctly) pointed out “if you’re a heel, why wouldn’t you cash it in when the champion has the shit beat out of him”. Rest is history

WWE created a lot of history with the Money in the Bank briefcase. It has also sky-rocketed Superstars into Championship runs, and other pushes. Only time will tell how things end for Damian Preist and IYO Sky, but it appears that the sky is still the limit.

Triple H could take the idea of Money in the Bank and turns things on its head once again. After all, the briefcase now guarantees a title match for any championship in the company.

WWE has a few choices to make for Money in the Bank holders this year, but what’s the right call? Sound off in the comments!

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