AEW had to let Dark and Dark Elevation go when they inked a new deal with Warner Bros Discovery for Collision. Although that didn’t mark an extension for Dynamite, their two YouTube shows had to go, because AEW gave WBD 100% rights to their television shows.

A lot of fans might miss AEW Dark and AEW Dark Elevation. Now, we have to see how the company carries on from here, as they shifted their focus onto Collision and ROH television.

Appearing on The A2theK Wrestling Show, Konley addressed the end of those programs, saying that it was only natural, and he enjoyed his time appearing on those shows while he could.

“You know, it was wrestling on YouTube. It was super cool, and I enjoyed my time there and all of the matches I had, I thought, were pretty good. I was happy with all of it. It’s wrestling. They’ve got another show on TV, and then they’ve got Ring Of Honor on Honorclub, so how many wrestling shows can one company have at one time? Not only from a viewer perspective, but from the perspective of the talent that has to fly back and forth.”


“I was at one of the Dark tapings, guys had just left from TV across the country, and they had to fly to Florida, and I think the next day, there was a signing somewhere else and a whole bunch of guys were on the signing in the morning, so they had to leave straight from there and it’s just like, do we really need these other shows? I get it in the beginning. It was probably great for them to have another place to work. Maybe some guys aren’t getting used on TV regularly enough, so this is giving them a spot. But for other people, especially with Collision and the Ring Of Honor shows, there’s only so much traveling you can do. It’s not good for your body.” 

AEW will keep going as they carry on with Collision and Dynamite. AEW Dark might come back in some form down the line, but even if it doesn’t Tony Khan has a ton of footage for the company’s archives.

Wrestling on YouTube loses its luster after a while, and that wasn’t a sustainable model. At least Tony Khan’s roster was able to get real-life training, and they could make content out of it.

AEW Dark and AEW Dark Elevation did decent number, did you watch it every week? Sound off in the comments to let us know!

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