During an appearance on Mark Andrews’ My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, LA Knight, formerly known as Eli Drake in Impact Wrestling, shared his thoughts on his time with the promotion.

Knight expressed mixed feelings about his run with Impact Wrestling, acknowledging that it was the first time he experienced significant financial success in wrestling. He found it enjoyable but also felt frustrated that he didn’t leave sooner to pursue other opportunities, such as joining WWE.

He admitted that the allure of the higher pay in Impact Wrestling played a role in his decision to stay, but eventually, he realized that he had reached his potential there and that his opportunities for growth were limited. Despite initially being offered less money by WWE, Knight saw greater potential for his career and decided to take a bet on himself, believing that it would ultimately pay off.

“Very mixed. I mean, look, that was the first time I’ve seen real money and made real money in wrestling. So yeah, there’s a lot of fun, there’s also a lot of frustration that I didn’t leave sooner. And not because there was an issue there necessarily but just because I had the opportunity to come here [WWE] earlier.”


“I was lured in by that evil, evil money. And you know, so it was a matter of eventually realizing that I had reached the ceiling there as far as that was concerned. And even though I was being offered less here to start, the potential is so much greater where it was just like I gotta take the bet on myself eventually and make it pay off.”

Knight’s reflection on his time in Impact Wrestling revealed a mix of satisfaction with the financial aspect and a desire to seek new challenges and opportunities for growth in WWE.

What are your thoughts on LA Knight’s comments about his time in Impact Wrestling and his decision to leave for WWE? Do you think it was the right move for his career?

Steve Carrier

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