Pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line every time they enter the ring. When things get taken outside the squared circle, everything can go wrong. Colby Corino recently learned that the hard way.

Colby Corino and John Skyler recently threw down for the AML prestige title. That match got the crowd going in a big way, and then the action spilled outside the ring.

In a periless stunt, Colby Corino climbed to the balcony, and this was a huge mistake. Just as he was about to execute a dive, he was jumped and stopped. Then Colby Corino took quite a fall.

The table under Colby Corino didn’t break at all. This was a blunt force and the table didn’t give at all. It’s hard to pull off a table spot when the hardware no-sells the stunt.


The crowd popped big with ‘holy sh*t” chants, because they were amped up. The referee was also quick to check on Colby Corino to make sure he was okay. As you can see in the video, Colby squeezed the referee’s hand, which is a sign that he’s okay.

Thankfully, Colby Corino survived this stunt, but it could have gone a lot worse. Then again, things also didn’t go as planned at all. You may check out the footage below.

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Felix Upton

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