Kenny Omega has shared his thoughts ahead of his rematch with Will Ospreay, shedding light on their heated feud and addressing Ospreay’s controversial comments about Canada.

While speaking in an interview with Jay Onrait via TSN, Omega expressed his confusion regarding Ospreay’s animosity towards Canada, suggesting that every country has its share of “despicable” individuals, and perhaps he is one of them.

However, Omega shifted the focus to his own belief that he is the best wrestler and the standard by which others are measured in the industry. He asserted that Ospreay will have to elevate his performance and demonstrate something different from their previous encounter at the Tokyo Dome. Omega emphasized the significance of their upcoming match at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2, noting that it could be Ospreay’s last opportunity to regain the title.

Omega then added a bold statement, indicating that if he emerges victorious and retains the title, he may not feel obliged to return to Japan for some time. While he expressed his desire to continue working with NJPW, he made it clear that his decision would not be predetermined, and NJPW could potentially lose one of their most prized possessions.


“I really don’t understand his beef with Canada. Perhaps it’s more Canadian people, and I think every country has some despicable people living within it. Sure, maybe I’m one of them. Perhaps the business has clouded my soul a little bit, darkened my heart. I’m not sure. I’m just here being me.”

“What’s most important about all that is I still believe deep down that I’m probably the best wrestler and best representative on a worldwide scale of professional wrestling. So love me or not, hate me or not, I’m the benchmark. I know I’m the benchmark, so Will has to step up his game, and he has to show something much different than what he showed at Tokyo Dome because now we’re in Canada, and now this is probably gonna be his last chance to win his belt back.

“If he doesn’t, I really have no obligation to go back to Japan either, as much as I’d like to. So they just may lose one of their most prized possessions for an undisclosed amount of time. So it’s a very big match for Will.”

As the clash between these two talented competitors approaches, the wrestling world awaits their collision at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2 on June 25.

How do you think Kenny Omega’s bold statements about his upcoming rematch with Will Ospreay and his potential future with NJPW will impact the dynamic between the two? Leave a comment below.

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