Triple H is chief content officer for WWE, and he is in charge of practically every aspect of television that anyone sees on WWE’s product. Through the years, he has also experienced a few moments he didn’t expect.

During his NXT UK debut match in 2018, former WWE Superstar Eddie Ryan received a tremendous positive reaction from the crowd, which took Triple H by surprise. He might not have understood exactly how much Ryan connected with fans.

Eddie Ryan, who is a British professional wrestler, made his WWE debut towards the end of 2018 and had the opportunity to compete in two matches on the NXT UK brand. On October 13th, 2018, during his NXT UK debut, he emerged victorious in a match against Saxon Huxley.

In a recent conversation on the Wrestling With Johners Podcast, Eddie Ryan shared his experience and mentioned that Triple H, one of the key figures in WWE, expressed his astonishment at the overwhelming response from the hometown crowd during Ryan’s NXT UK debut match against Huxley.


“My name came up and honestly, the pop was insane. And, all the goosebumps and all the adrenaline started to flow, and okay, wasn’t expecting that at all. Then you take a little look over your shoulder and you see Triple H and Shawn Michaels just staring at me. And Triple H just stands up and says, ‘Who the f*ck’s this guy?’ And the guy giving you the cues to go through the curtain goes, ‘Go!'”

Triple H has a lot of things on his plate, and he tries his best to be informed, so surprises are minimal. This story is proof that even The Game can get caught off guard.

We will have to see what surprising moments might be in the future for Triple H. This was certainly an interesting story to come up.

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