During the June 14 edition of AEW Dynamite, an incident involving MJF and fan took place, prompting the fan to send a direct and explicit message to the AEW World Champion.

In the match between MJF and Adam Cole, MJF ventured into the crowd to taunt the fans at ringside. One particular fan engaged in a verbal exchange with MJF, and when the champion attempted to knock the fan’s hat off, he unintentionally slapped the glasses off the fan’s face.

The fan took to social media, sharing a photo of himself flipping off the camera and directing his message to MJF with just three words.

“F*ck you, @The_MJF.”


When asked if he received any free merchandise for his troubles, the fan confirmed that he did not.

This incident adds to previous controversies surrounding MJF’s ringside interactions, including an incident at AEW Revolution where he dumped a drink on a child, later revealed to be tequila rather than water.

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