Ronda Rousey might be 1/2 of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, but she is also appearing on FOX in another role on Stars On Mars. This show took an interesting turn recently.

In a surprising turn of events on the latest episode of Fox’s reality show Stars On Mars, Marshawn Lynch challenged Ronda Rousey to a wrestling match. The crew members discovered they needed a new base commander, leading Lynch, who considered himself the leader, to refuse to give up his position without a physical altercation.

Marshawn Lynch took matters in his own hands as he declared his intention to fight for the role. As he prepared for the showdown in an open area, he boldly asserted, “I’mma make this simple… Yeah, I throw hands, baby.”

Marshawn Lynch’s goal faced a setback when Ronda Rousey stepped forward and volunteered to be his opponent. Then Ronda Rousey exclaimed, “You wanna fight for base commander? All right!!” and made her way to the makeshift fight arena.


The outcome of their clash will be revealed when the episode airs at 8 PM. Nevertheless, some contestants were pretty sure that Ronda Rousey would emerge victorious in the contest.

We will have to see how Ronda Rousey’s time on Mars ends. This show is still going, as she is a big name for FOX to tout for their show. You can also check out the video below.

What’s your take on this situation with Ronda Rousey? Sound off in the comments!

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