AEW and NJPW are set to hold another Forbidden Door event on June 25th. Fans are expecting a lot of surprises and big names from Japan, but one company might not be able to join them.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that STARDOM talent have been discussed for Forbidden Door, but there are a couple of issues. Not only do a lot of the STARDOM roster not have Canadian visas, but they also have an event already scheduled for that day.

“There’s been some talk regarding STARDOM and Forbidden Door, and there’s nothing going on there. This is from the STARDOM…first of all, none of the STARDOM women have Canadian visas, so even if they wanted to do something, it’d have to be rushed. STARDOM has a pay-per-view that day. From people in STARDOM, STARDOM, there’s been no talk from their side. They have heard nothing. They said that the only contact that STARDOM and AEW have had, they didn’t have any last year either. The only contact that they have had was. AEW did or STARDOM, I should say. STARDOM had contacted AEW about perhaps one of the women from AEW wrestling against Kairi. I believe it was, you know, in fact, it would be Kairi at the Tokyo Dome show for the IWGP Women’s Championship. And they couldn’t get the deal done. It never really, and it never was serious.”

“It was going to be Kairi and Tam at that show. But they did make an inquiry at that time. So that’s the only contact that there’s been. But there’s nothing, no talk and even if there was, Kairi could have a visa from her time, you know, her time working in WWE. I don’t know that she does. I was told nobody does and she’s somebody and but nobody, you know, none of the other women for sure do and they have a pay-per-view that day and everybody on every key on the roster is booked on that pay-per-view. I know Tony Kahn looked about that and everything, but they’re saying that there’s pretty much no, you know, no chance or so they have not been contacted at this point, so,” 


We will have to see how Forbidden Door II turns out. June 25th will likely be a big event for fans of AEW and NJPW, but only time will tell who shows up.

STARDOM wrestlers could add a lot of excitement to the event, but it isn’t clear if that will happen. Perhaps they will be able to make a few things work, but visa issues and scheduling conflicts might stop that from happening this year.

What’s your take on STARDOM coming to Forbidden Door? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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