The return of Charlotte Flair on WWE Friday Night SmackDown has stirred up controversy among fans and wrestlers alike. Flair made her presence felt by interrupting Asuka after the unveiling of the new WWE Women’s Championship. Expressing her intention to challenge for the title, Flair’s return has not been met with universal acclaim.

One WWE Superstar who has openly expressed her dissatisfaction is Bianca Belair. Belair took to social media to voice her frustration regarding the situation. In a tweet on Saturday afternoon, Belair stated that she had processed what happened the previous night and expressed confusion over the turn of events. Belair emphasized that she had agreed to let Asuka have her moment in exchange for a rematch opportunity, only for Charlotte Flair to come out, demand a rematch, and be granted one. Belair questioned the fairness of the situation and wondered if she was mistaken in her understanding of the circumstances.

Been processing what went down last night. So let me get this straight. I did exactly what was asked of me. I agreed to let Asuka have her moment as long as I got my REMATCH JUST for Charlotte to come out, demand and get handed a REMATCH? 🤔Am I trippin or am I trippin?

Belair followed up with another tweet, highlighting the apparent discrepancy in the granting of rematches for different titles. She suggested that this might resolve the issue and directed her message to Adam Pearce, known as “Scrap Daddy,” who is involved in making match decisions in WWE.


Well apparently we have rematches for different titles… So… Problem solved @ScrapDaddyAP

Based on these developments, it seems WWE may be setting up a scenario where Bianca Belair will face both Asuka and Charlotte Flair at Money In The Bank or potentially face the winner of the Flair vs. Asuka match at a later date. Belair’s return to the title picture, alongside Flair, indicates that WWE has plans to keep her prominently involved in the ongoing storyline.

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