WWE is gearing up for what’s to come, and that could include more changes around the company. It seems that even their championship titles aren’t immune to those alterations.

Triple H is still Chief Creative Officer around WWE, and he makes all the big calls. Even though Vince McMahon can make remote changes, it appears that things are going the way Triple H envisioned.

BWE noted behind their private Twitter account that WWE is set to update some titles on SmackDown. It wasn’t noted which title will get a facelift, but there are apparently a lot of ideas on the table.

A lot of late ideas been put on the table today. Will share tmrw. But first of the titles are getting updates on SD. Which? Ill keep that for later.


It was not noted which title will get a new look. There are a few around the company at this point, but the most obviously choice would be the women’s title.

After all, the RAW Women’s Champion is on SmackDown and the SmackDown Women’s Champion is on RAW. It would only make sense to update those titles, and that is also something even Ronda Rousey has spoken out about in the past. Only time will tell what they decide to do.

What’s your take on WWE switching up more titles? Sound off in the comments!

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