Stevie Richards is a true veteran in the world of professional wrestling, as he had a solid run in ECW before making his way to WWE. However, he is a human being at the end of the day and is susceptible to ailments. Richards has been dealing with a spinal infection for a while now but it appears that he is officially out of the woods.

Stevie Richards worried fans and peers alike with his health scare, as the former WWE Hardcore Champion was admitted to a medical facility for back and spine issues earlier this year.

The spinal infection was so bad that he was even in a wheelchair for a while. While speaking on the Wrestling Shoot Interviews program, Richards went into detail regarding his battle with the spinal infection. Richards then revealed that apart from a CT scan, he is officially out of the woods.

“For months, I was just thinking, ‘Oh, my back’s starting to hit that wall. Maybe I’m gonna need surgery, maybe I’m gonna need a nerve block.’ Whatever fix I could have at this point to keep going. Then, in the end of January on a Sunday morning, I had one of my best workouts ever; thought I was pulling through, like, one of those bouts where your lower back keeps biting you… But from 9:00 AM when I got home and I thought, okay, that was a good workout to noon… I was completely stuck in my chair and it was just a mystery, like my back has locked out, but not to the point where my legs are almost useless.


Not, paralyzed, not numb. But it hurt so bad I couldn’t put pressure on my legs ‘cause it would shoot up into my back. So my wife, literally from 9:00 AM when I got home and then at noon had me in a walker. I went right to a walker. I’m moving around and it’s just now fear. The early set of fears settling in like, well, I’ve never experienced pain like this.

Besides the CT scan, I’m officially out of the woods, but I also have to be very careful because the effects, so the effects from the spine infection have still lowered my immunity. I’m down about 35 pounds still, which I wanted to lean out, but I didn’t wanna do it that way, but I’m down from, I was down from 215lbs and I dropped to 180lbs. Now I’m around 180, 180 5. But my workouts, I have to say thank God, have been outside of hip hinging movements and putting any kind of pressure, axial pressure on my neck or my spine. I’m pretty much able to do just about everything. Now, what I’ve done, James, too, because I’m really a fitness enthusiast and that’s why my fitness brand, I started my fitness journey all over again and I’m still, technically even after about two months, I’m cardio, like 90% isometrics, some suspension, body weight training, and maybe a little bit of cable work, but isometrics have been.”

Stevie Richards was released from the hospital in March, and fans were hoping for the best. With this new update, fans can rest easy knowing he will eventually become healthier than ever and is no longer in danger.

What’s your view on what Stevie Richards said? Are you glad that he is healthier than ever before? Let us know in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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