After enjoying a solid run in NXT, Bobby Fish joined AEW in 2021. The 46-year-old reunited with his Undisputed Era members Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly in Tony Khan’s promotion.

However, his stint in AEW was short-lived, as he departed the company after a few months. In a recent interview with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling, Fish revealed the real reason behind his AEW exit.

He stated that he and AEW couldn’t agree on how much his contract was worth. He further stated that he understood his worth and didn’t want to devalue himself. Hence, he decided to part ways with AEW since they weren’t willing to pay him what he thought he was worth.

“And then contracts come up and, you know, really all it came down to with me and AEW was we couldn’t agree on a number going forward.We couldn’t agree on not even a number, we couldn’t agree on numbers so like we’re talking everything that would be in a contract and we tried, you know. And my agent at the time who knows their lawyers, they tried, but we just couldn’t come to an agreement. And so, you know, I don’t overvalue myself, but I do value myself and I’m not going to be, I’m not gonna to shortchange myself. So other people can, but I’m not going to devalue myself and that’s kind of where we were so yeah I walked, you know, and that was it. It was amicable, I mean they were like, ‘okay well yeah we’re not gonna’ and I said, ‘okay I’m not gonna either’ so yeah.”


Following his departure from AEW, Bobby Fish went on to wrestle for various promotions such as NJPW, IMPACT Wrestling, DEFY, and ALW where he is their current Next Level Champion.

It’s good that Bobby Fish wasn’t willing to compromise his values and self-worth. Since his AEW exit, he has proven that he is still a top performer and a champion in the wrestling industry. Stay tuned to Ringside News for similar stories.

What are your thoughts on Bobby Fish’s AEW exit? Do you think he made the right choice or do you think he should have stayed in AEW? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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