Gangrel made history as part of the Brood in the Attitude Era, but he never picked up major WWE gold during his time in the company. Now, he can look back and talk about a big one that he never got to carry, but it was apparently supposed to happen.

While speaking to Wrestling News, Gangrel stated that he knows for a fact that he was supposed to win the WWE Title. That being said, some disciplinary actions got in the way, and even though Gangrel was innocent, he still “got caught up in the middle of some stuff.”

Now, he is a WWE Legend, but not a WWE Hall of Famer, and he never got that WWE Title run. He didn’t elaborate on what the scandal was, but he apparently got wrapped up into something.

“I know for a fact I was supposed to win that night, but there were some disciplinary actions, and I was innocent, but I got caught up in the middle of some stuff, and it didn’t happen. Big scandal where somebody, I don’t know who it was, a backstage guy, he was taping people trying to sell him a bunch of steroids or something like. It was this big thing.”


“Everybody had to get disciplined, that even went in there and met with the guy. I happen to be one of the guys who was in there even though I didn’t do anything or whatnot, but I just got caught up in all that. That was weird stuff. I was just caught up in the wrong group. I could honestly say that it did cost me winning the European title that night.”

The Vampire Warrior is still doing his thing, as he runs his own pro wrestling school, and he teaches students in his own unique style. He even worked out with Paige VanZant, but she wasn’t able to stick around for that training.

Gangrel is a favorite from the Attitude Era, and a lot of fans miss seeing him in the ring. There was a lot of buzz around him possibly showing up at WrestleMania this year to be with Edge during his match against Finn Balor, but it never happened.

What’s your take on this situation with Gangrel and the WWE Title? Sound off in the comments!

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