IMPACT Wrestling’s Under Siege event, held at the Western Fair District Agriplex in London, Ontario on tonight. Below are the results from the show.

We are broadcasting live from London, Ontario, with Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt as our announcers, and Dave Penzer as the ring announcer. The lively audience is filled with enthusiastic Canadians.

In the first match, The Coven, current Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions, faced off against The Death Dollz, consisting of Jessicka and Courtney Rush, in a non-title bout. The Coven dominated initially, but the Dollz turned the tables, showcasing a unique charisma compared to Rosemary. They cleverly lured King into colliding with Taylor Wilde in the corners. However, the Champions regained control and targeted Rush in the corner, making frequent tags and working her over. Wilde applied a front facelock to keep Rush under control. Rush fought her way back to the corner, attempting a tag that the referee missed. Eventually, she escaped King’s grasp and made the hot tag to Jessicka.

Jessicka unleashed her fury, taking charge of the match. She slammed King and followed up with a vertical splash for a near fall. Rush joined the action, but Wilde blindsided her from behind. Rush made a comeback and locked on a Sharpshooter submission hold, causing Wilde to tap out.


The winners of the match are The Death Dollz, a solid bout that introduced Rush’s Impact Wrestling persona effectively.

Next up, we witnessed a clash between Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry and Dirty Dango. Hendry’s entrance and theme were exceptional and could easily capture the interest of WWE and/or AEW. He showcased his mic skills by mocking Dango, mentioning his past persona as a ballroom doctor and a fake police officer. Hendry listed several identities that Dango might have believed in, emphasizing that it didn’t matter because he was going to deliver a beating.

Dango resorted to stalling tactics early on, but Hendry caught up with him, dominating the match. Hendry executed a prolonged vertical suplex, displaying his strength. Dango retaliated by focusing on Hendry’s arm, relentlessly targeting it. However, Hendry made a comeback, hitting an Ace Cutter and a series of uppercuts and a back elbow. He demonstrated great intensity, punctuating his performance with a Fall Away Slam. As Hendry went to execute his next move, Dango resorted to a low blow, resulting in a disqualification.

The winner of the match is Joe Hendry, although the ending left fans unsatisfied despite the solid match they had witnessed. Dango continued to assault Hendry and positioned himself on the top rope, but to the surprise of everyone, Santino Marella, accompanied by his signature theme music, made a return and chased Dango away.


Nick Aldis vs. Kenny King with Sheldon Jean

In an intense showdown between Nick Aldis and Kenny King, with Sheldon Jean also present, the action kicked off with King attempting a soaring cross bodyblock, only to be ruthlessly slammed down by Aldis. Undeterred, King sought refuge outside the ring, hoping to halt Aldis’ momentum. However, Aldis was having none of it and swiftly pursued King to the floor, only to be caught off guard and sent crashing into the ring steps with a skillful drop toehold.

Seizing control, King unleashed a barrage of kicks, effectively asserting his dominance. Despite King’s onslaught, Aldis displayed his resilience by narrowly escaping a pinfall at the two-count mark. Undeterred, King continued to assert his authority over Aldis, but a mistimed leg drop off the ropes proved costly, giving Aldis the opportunity to mount a counteroffensive.

With newfound momentum, Aldis unleashed his own onslaught, systematically wearing down King with a flurry of attacks. The crowd held their breath as Aldis secured multiple near falls, including one after executing a powerful Fall Away Slam, showcasing his incredible strength and tenacity.

In a thrilling turn of events, Aldis decided to take his chances by ascending to the top rope, only to be caught off guard by King’s sudden uppercut while he was basking in the admiration of the crowd. King, seizing the opportunity, attempted a daring superplex, but Aldis managed to forcefully shove him off, causing King to rebound and deliver a devastating enziguiri to Aldis, who was still precariously perched on the ropes.

Both competitors crashed down to the mat, prompting the referee to initiate the countdown. Miraculously, they both regained their composure and engaged in a heated exchange of punches. Just as it seemed King had gained the upper hand with a powerful powerslam after rebounding off the ropes, Aldis displayed his resilience by powering out of a full nelson attempt and retaliating with a forceful elbow strike to King’s face.

Seizing the moment, Aldis executed an impressive Michinoku Driver before scaling the turnbuckle once again. With precision and grace, Aldis delivered a magnificent flying elbow, but his moment of victory was marred by the interference of Sheldon Jean, who managed to distract the referee at a crucial moment.

Refusing to be deterred, Aldis retaliated by striking Jean, but King capitalized on the distraction, taking Aldis down and utilizing the ropes for a close near fall. King demonstrated his agility and strength with a devastating kick to Aldis’ head, followed by a spinebuster, yet Aldis displayed his unwavering determination by surviving yet another pinfall attempt.

Summoning his last reserves of energy, Aldis mounted a spectacular comeback, trapping King in his signature Cloverleaf submission hold. With King unable to withstand the excruciating pressure, he was forced to submit, securing Aldis the hard-earned victory.

Your winner, Nick Aldis!

Although the outcome may have been predictable, both competitors put on a remarkable display of skill and competitiveness, treating the audience to an entertaining and engaging match.

Meanwhile, the fierce rivalry between Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly raged on from the previous night. The intensity escalated as Slamovich was forcefully kicked off the railing of the second level, plummeting down to the unforgiving concrete below. Undeterred, Kelly pursued her adversary, leading to a chaotic brawl in the ringside area.

In a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand, Kelly resorted to using a chain to assault Slamovich’s face. However, the chaotic scene attracted a swarm of officials who intervened, halting the brutal confrontation and forcing the fighters to cease their relentless assault. Despite the interruption, Kelly’s thirst for further confrontation remained unquenched, while Slamovich cautiously retreated up the aisle, nursing her wounds.

Gia Miller conducted a compelling interview with Jordynne Grace, shedding light on the high stakes surrounding her upcoming match. The narrative unfolded as Grace faced the daunting ultimatum that a loss would result in her being denied any future title shots as long as Deonna Purrazzo held the championship. It was emphasized that Grace had shouldered both the championship and the company itself earlier in the year, symbolizing her immense importance and influence.

The interview highlighted the journey Grace had undertaken to regain her position, showcasing her relentless determination to reclaim the championship. However, the weight of this pivotal match was evident, as it signified more than just a title opportunity for Grace. The outcome would define her identity and role within the company. If she fell short of victory, she would no longer be the champion, the best, or the one carrying the company. The interview masterfully captured the pressure weighing on Grace’s shoulders, revealing the internal struggle she faced.

In a poignant moment, Grace, seemingly overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation, chose to walk away from the interview. This powerful gesture effectively conveyed the intensity of the moment and further accentuated the emotional turmoil Grace experienced as the reigning champion. The interview served as a significant storytelling device, not only setting the stage for the upcoming match but also illustrating the immense pressure and personal stakes faced by Grace in her pursuit to maintain her status as the champion.

The Design’s Deaner & Big Kon & Angels vs. Sami Callihan & Rich Swann & Jake Crist

In a surprising turn of events, Crist emerged as Sami Callihan’s mystery partner, igniting a fierce battle against Angels and his team. The match was marked by intense confrontations, with everyone getting in each other’s faces and engaging in a chaotic brawl. Despite a series of high-risk dives, Kon proved to be an immovable force, as no one could successfully take him down.

A dramatic moment unfolded when Swann’s high-risk move backfired, causing him to seemingly hit his face and subsequently bleed from the mouth. Angels, determined to make an impact, finally managed to bring Kon down with a stunning standing moonsault. Callihan teased a clothesline, but Angels launched an attack, prompting Callihan to respond with a powerful powerbomb, launching Angels out of the ring onto everyone else in the aisle, effectively incapacitating them.

Once back in the ring, Kon was established as an unstoppable monster, absorbing every attack and decimating everyone in his path. Crist, attempting to mount an offense, soared off the ropes but was met with a devastating mid-air strike, crashing to the canvas. Isolated in the corner, Crist suffered a relentless assault at the hands of The Design. Deaner and Angels tagged in and out, leading to a chaotic brawl involving Swann and Callihan on the apron.

The intense clash settled into a fierce showdown between Deaner and Sami, with Angels and Crist also joining the fray. In a stunning display of teamwork, the heroes executed a double DDT. However, Kon retaliated by grabbing them both and delivering a double chokeslam. Angels, displaying incredible resilience, nailed a breathtaking frog splash from the top rope, nearly securing the victory with a two-count on Sami.

Swann shifted the momentum with a series of powerful offensive moves, including a springboard into a double cutter. Crist added to the assault with a barrage of superkicks, while Callihan unleashed a devastating Cactus Driver on Deaner. However, Angels intervened by attacking Callihan. Swann and Angels engaged in a back-and-forth battle, with Swann ultimately using a forward roll to secure the pinfall victory.

Your winners: Sami Callihan, Rich Swann, and Jake Crist!

In a subsequent interview conducted by Gia Miller, Santino Marella expressed his newfound certainty that Dango was the one who attacked him. As a result, Marella made it clear that he would not remain impartial when it came to Dango. He vowed to confront Dango and did not hold back, referring to him as a derogatory term (which was bleeped out). Marella’s interview added a personal and emotional element to the ongoing rivalry, setting the stage for a potentially explosive confrontation between the two.

Gisele Shaw with Jai Vidal & Savannah Evans vs. Trinity

The intense encounter between Gisele and Trinity unfolded with an attempt by Gisele to slap Trinity, which was skillfully blocked. Trinity quickly retaliated with a clothesline and a legdrop, asserting her dominance in the ring. Shaw, sensing the need to regroup and seek advice from his associates, made his way to the outside.

Upon returning to the ring, Shaw aggressively took down Trinity, forcefully rubbing her face into the mat. Shaw continued to unleash a vicious assault, smashing Trinity’s face into the turnbuckles and delivering a powerful corner splash.

However, Trinity demonstrated her resilience, rallying back with a well-executed head scissors that sent Gisele back to the floor. The crowd rallied behind Trinity, chanting in her support. Attempting a sliding kick, Trinity narrowly missed as Shaw managed to evade the attack. Evans, a menacing presence at ringside, intervened, grabbing Trinity and pulling her to the floor. Shaw capitalized on the opportunity and continued her assault on Trinity outside the ring, eventually tossing her back into the ring for a near fall.

Undeterred, Trinity fought back against Shaw’s onslaught, unleashing a barrage of strikes. Despite absorbing numerous kicks, Trinity refused to stay down and retaliated with a spike head scissors, drilling Shaw into the mat. Displaying her athleticism, Trinity executed a stunning split-legged moonsault, leaving Shaw reeling.

However, Shaw regained her composure and fought back, delivering a hanging DDT off the ropes, coming agonizingly close to securing the victory with a near fall. The crowd voiced their displeasure with Shaw, chanting, “You suck,” as the intense matchup continued to captivate the audience.

In a climactic turn of events, Shaw positioned herself for a devastating knee strike, poised to deliver a finishing blow to Trinity. However, displaying her agility and quick reflexes, Trinity managed to evade the strike and capitalized on the opportunity. She swiftly targeted Vidal, delivering a powerful strike, and then seamlessly transitioned into executing the Starstruck sunset flip, a breathtaking maneuver that seamlessly transitioned into a submission hold.

With Vidal trapped in the submission, unable to escape, Trinity secured the victory.

Your winner: Trinity!

The match showcased a compelling back-and-forth battle between the two competitors, keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Following the match, Gia Miller conducted an interview with Subculture regarding their upcoming Tag Team title shot. However, their moment was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Brian Myers and The Good Hands. They expressed their discontentment with Subculture receiving a title shot, questioning their deservingness. In response, Dani Luna, a member of Subculture, acknowledged their concerns but made it clear that they could have the first title shot in the future, as Subculture currently had their sights set on hunting down other titles.

The interview added a layer of tension and rivalry, setting the stage for a potential clash between Subculture and Brian Myers’ team, heightening anticipation for future matchups and creating intrigue within the tag team division.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. Subculture, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster with Dani Luna

Austin and Andrews engaged in a fast-paced back-and-forth exchange, showcasing their in-ring skills. The action intensified as Bey tagged in and relentlessly targeted Austin, unleashing a flurry of strikes and earning several near falls. His chops echoed throughout the arena, leaving Austin reeling.

Webster seized the opportunity and tagged into the match, joining forces with his Subculture teammate. The dynamic duo unleashed a series of impressive double team maneuvers, displaying their synergy and coordination in the ring. The crowd erupted in excitement as Subculture’s seamless teamwork took center stage.

With Bey momentarily incapacitated, Webster capitalized on the opening, launching himself over the top rope with a high-risk maneuver known as a pescado. The high-flying move allowed Webster to crash into Bey on the outside, further intensifying the action and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

In a thrilling turn of events, ABC (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) mounted a comeback, effectively trapping Webster inside the ring. Bey knocked Andrews off the apron, creating a disadvantage for Subculture. Bey then showcased his high-flying skills by executing a tope con hilo, diving to the floor and connecting with Webster before tossing him back into the ring. Ace Austin capitalized on the situation, spiking Webster and securing a close two-count.

Andrews, determined to shift the momentum back in Subculture’s favor, made a tag and showcased his agility by evading his opponents’ attacks and landing a spectacular double Pele kick. He continued his impressive performance by nailing a moonsault to the floor on Bey, displaying his fearless aerial prowess. Andrews shifted his attention to Austin, executing a Code Red for another near fall. However, Austin managed to escape a belly-to-back suplex, unaware that Webster had tagged back into the match. Webster capitalized on the element of surprise, delivering a Falcon Arrow but falling just short of a victory with a two-count.

Webster attempted a shooting star press, but Austin swiftly thwarted his aerial assault by knocking him off the ropes. Austin himself then showcased his agility, executing a remarkable springboard missile dropkick on Andrews. Bey and Morgan, the legal competitors, tagged in and engaged in an intense battle. Bey and Austin unleashed a flurry of impactful moves, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats with numerous near falls and broken pinfall attempts.

The match reached its climax as both teams relentlessly exchanged big moves and impressive maneuvers. However, ABC managed to execute The Ultimate Finesse followed by The Fold, securing the pinfall victory.

Your winners and still Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Ace Austin and Chris Bey!

The match proved to be an exceptional display of athleticism and competitiveness, captivating the audience from start to finish.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel vs. Chris Sabin

Update coming…The match started with lots of action. Sabin hit a skateboard dropkick in the corner, but Trey cut him off and targeted his arm. Trey dominated for a while, with Sabin trying to fight back. There were many near falls. Sabin regained control with a German suplex, and Miguel came back with a double stomp.

Miguel unleashed kicks and elbows, but Sabin countered with a clothesline. Miguel hit a brainbuster for a close two count. Sabin focused on Miguel’s leg with a Dragon Screw legwhip and Sharpshooter, but Miguel escaped the submission. The match showcased great back-and-forth action.

Sabin attempted another legwhip, but Miguel countered with a precise enziguri. The intensity escalated as they exchanged hard chops, unleashing their aggression on each other. Sabin stunned the champion with a devastating Canadian Destroyer, followed by a powerful Clothesline from Hell, Michigan.

In a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand, Miguel resorted to a dirty tactic. He grabbed Sabin’s eyes and ruthlessly clawed at them while Sabin attempted to execute his finishing move, Cradleshock. Momentarily blinded, Sabin mistakenly grabbed the referee, but quickly realized his error and released him. Seizing the opportunity, Miguel launched an attack, dropkicking Sabin into the referee, incapacitating both.

With the referee down, Sabin managed to hit the Cradleshock on Miguel, but there was no one to make the count. Realizing the predicament, Sabin let go of Miguel to allow the referee to recover. Miguel took advantage of the situation, rolling to the floor and retrieving his spraypaint. He callously zapped Sabin in the eyes with it and capitalized on the distraction to secure the pinfall victory.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel!

The match delivered an abundance of thrilling action, with Miguel showcasing his villainous side by resorting to cheating tactics.

Eddie Edwards vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Moose vs. Alex Shelley vs. Yuya Uemura with the winner earning a future Impact Wrestling Championship match at Against All Odds

The match was a whirlwind of fast-paced and chaotic action. Kazarian and Shelley initially teamed up against Gresham before turning on each other. Yuya unleashed a flurry of chops on Kazarian and started dominating the ring, taking on Gresham and Shelley. Yuya attempted a superplex on Gresham, but a flurry of interference led to a Tower of Doom spot, which was ultimately broken up by Moose.

Moose asserted his dominance, delivering a powerful powerbomb to Yuya, followed by snatching and powerbombing Kazarian. He then targeted Gresham, who attempted a high-risk move but was met with a leaping rana from Moose. Despite the onslaught, Gresham managed to kick out after a devastating powerbomb. Moose missed a spear in the corner, allowing Yuya to hit a leaping leg lariat and a charging forearm. Yuya battled out of a corner whip and nailed a neckbreaker on Edwards.

The battle continued between Moose and Yuya, with Yuya hitting a lariat for a close two-count. Moose retaliated with a sit-out powerbomb, but Shelley interrupted the pinfall with a superkick. Shelley and Kazarian engaged in a back-and-forth exchange, with Edwards joining the fray and narrowly avoiding defeat after a Northern Lights suplex. Kazarian and Yuya continued their battle, leading to a series of big moves. Shelley delivered a superkick to Yuya and pinned him with Shellshock, securing the victory.

Your winner: Alex Shelley!

The match featured frenzied action, with Shelley shining in the ring and ultimately coming out victorious. It served as a fitting tribute to the veteran wrestler and showcased his skills and experience.

Backstage, Trey Miguel was approached by Gia Miller, who questioned his upcoming challenge to the history he was making. Miguel confidently stated that he had just defeated an eight-time champion, emphasizing his own accomplishments. Sabin burst in and attempted to attack Miguel but was restrained by others.

The upcoming event, Against All Odds on 6/9, was highlighted as a highly anticipated event.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace: Should Grace fail to win, she will not be allowed another title shot as long as Purrazzo is Champion

The match between Purrazzo and Grace revolved around their contrasting styles, with Purrazzo relying on her technical grappling and Grace opting for a more physical and powerful approach. Purrazzo strategically targeted Grace’s back, utilizing a series of knee strikes before delivering a brutal neckbreaker to the apron, leaving Grace reeling on the outside. Demonstrating her agility, Purrazzo followed up with a flip off the apron, further asserting her dominance.

However, Grace showcased her resilience and fought back, seizing control of the match. She executed a powerful German suplex with a bridge, nearly securing the pinfall but only getting a two count. Purrazzo, undeterred, mounted a comeback and trapped Grace in a Side Russian Legsweep, smoothly transitioning into an armbar submission hold. Grace managed to counter the submission attempt into a pinfall, but Purrazzo kicked out and continued her assault.

Purrazzo unleashed a flip suplex, further displaying her agility and strength, but Grace resiliently kicked out once again, refusing to be defeated. The match remained highly competitive as both competitors pushed each other to their limits, demonstrating their determination and resilience.

The passionate fans in attendance engaged in back-and-forth chants, showing their support for both competitors. Purrazzo gained momentum with a well-executed back elbow, while Grace managed to thwart a move but found herself caught in a piledriver variation, resulting in a near fall.

Purrazzo called for her finishing move, the Queen’s Gambit, but Grace displayed her resilience by escaping the hold. Grace retaliated with a spinning backfist and a powerful powerbomb, followed by a devastating Jackhammer. Despite the impact, Purrazzo kicked out at the last possible moment, shocking the announcers and the audience alike.

Grace attempted to position Purrazzo on the ropes, but the champion slipped out, trapping Grace between the buckles and delivering a fierce kick. Purrazzo followed up with a powerbomb, displaying her relentless determination. Grace attempted a pinfall, but Purrazzo countered with the Queen’s Gambit, yet Grace once again kicked out at the two count, leaving Purrazzo bewildered and contemplating what it would take to defeat her opponent.

Purrazzo shifted her focus to Grace’s arm, launching an attack and attempting to secure the Fujiwara armbar. However, Grace fought her way out and retaliated with an inverted piledriver, resulting in another close near fall.

The intense battle continued as both competitors unleashed a barrage of strikes, exchanging blows with fervor. They found themselves nose to nose as they fought to regain their footing. Grace managed to kick off a charge in the corner and ascended to the top rope, attempting to execute the Grace Driver. However, Purrazzo fought her way out and delivered the Queen’s Gambit off the ropes, securing the pinfall victory.

Your winner and still Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo!

Following the match, Grace rolled out of the ring, visibly upset with her loss, showcasing her disappointment and frustration.

Impact Wrestling Champion Steve Maclin vs. PCO

The match kicked off with an intense brawl right from the start. PCO wasted no time, delivering a powerful Cactus clothesline that sent Maclin over the top rope and crashing to the floor. PCO then demonstrated his agility by executing a tope con hilo, diving onto Maclin outside the ring.

PCO took control of the match, unleashing a barrage of body blows on Maclin, asserting his dominance. However, Maclin retaliated by catching PCO and viciously suplexing him onto the unforgiving ring steps, showcasing his ruthless nature. Maclin further escalated the chaotic nature of the match by introducing various weapons and plunder into the ring, setting the stage for a brutal encounter.

In a brutal display of violence, PCO introduced chairs into the mix, adding to the already chaotic environment. Maclin, already bleeding heavily, was struck across the head with a trash can by PCO, further intensifying the carnage. The match took a gruesome turn as Maclin’s blood continued to flow, creating a graphic visual.

PCO attempted to utilize a staplegun, but Maclin resorted to a low blow, temporarily halting PCO’s offensive. Taking advantage of the situation, Maclin wielded a chair, repeatedly striking PCO with vicious blows. The crowd erupted in chants of “Jersey sucks,” displaying their allegiance to Maclin.

Maclin maintained his relentless assault, wedging a trash can between the buckles, further adding to the dangerous environment. He continued his relentless beatdown, eventually hanging PCO by the tree of woe, leaving him suspended upside down. Maclin then unleashed the Crosshairs, smashing PCO into the can, resulting in a close two count.

The brutality escalated as Maclin resorted to using a staplegun on PCO’s face, shockingly stapling him. PCO, however, showed his resilience and fought back, eventually yanking the staples out in a disturbing display of determination and toughness. The graphic and unsettling nature of the match left a lasting impact on the audience.

In a sadistic display of brutality, Maclin took the violence to a new level by introducing pieces of concrete into the ring. After striking PCO with a sledgehammer, Maclin placed the concrete slabs over PCO’s back, inflicting immense pain. With a merciless swing of the sledgehammer, he shattered the concrete onto PCO’s vulnerable body, leaving him writhing in agony on the mat.

Maclin capitalized on the devastation he had caused, covering PCO for the pinfall attempt. However, to the shock and disbelief of Maclin and the audience, PCO summoned his resilience and kicked out, displaying his incredible resilience and unwillingness to stay down.

In a grueling and extreme encounter, PCO mounted a valiant comeback, delivering his devastating finishing move, the Deanimator, to Maclin. However, Maclin quickly retaliated by slamming PCO with a chair as he attempted to ascend the ropes. Maclin seized the opportunity to yank PCO down, causing him to crash onto the apron, further intensifying the brutality of the match.

Despite the punishment he had endured, PCO demonstrated incredible resilience. However, Maclin was determined to secure the victory. He set up a group of cinderblocks in the ring and placed PCO on top of them. With a vicious move, Maclin executed a DVDR onto the blocks, followed by a KOA (Knockout Assault), ultimately pinning PCO for the three-count.

Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Champion: Steve Maclin!

This encounter was undeniably intense, pushing the boundaries of brutality and verging on the grotesque. PCO endured an astonishing amount of punishment, akin to legendary figures such as Abyss or Mick Foley.

Maclin, seizing the moment, took hold of the microphone and demanded that Scott D’Amore honor his word. If Maclin triumphed over PCO, D’Amore pledged to enter the ring, fasten the championship belt around Maclin’s waist, and extend his hand in congratulation. D’Amore, visibly disheartened, approached the ring, fulfilling his promise by securing the title belt around Maclin. Extending his hand, D’Amore hoped for a gesture of mutual respect, but Maclin abruptly exited the ring, asserting his dominance and reminding D’Amore that he held the upper hand in their relationship.

However, unbeknownst to D’Amore, Bully Ray clandestinely infiltrated the ring from the opposite side and unleashed a ferocious attack, ruthlessly lashing D’Amore with a belt. Ray turned to Maclin, uttering the chilling words, “Get the table.” Maclin readily complied, bringing the table into the ring. Ray produced lighter fluid, escalating the threat level. As tensions escalated, Matthew Rehwoldt, known for his alignment with the villains on commentary, interjected, cautioning Ray that they had crossed a dangerous line. Ignoring the warning, Ray unleashed the lighter fluid, drenching Rehwoldt and subjecting him to a brutal assault, leaving him incapacitated.

Just as chaos ensued, PCO resurfaced in the ring, launching a furious counterattack against Ray and Maclin. Unfortunately, PCO’s resistance was short-lived as he was brutally slammed into a cinder block positioned outside the ring. The Motor City Machine Guns valiantly attempted to intervene, seeking to restore order, but were quickly overwhelmed and disposed of by Ray’s relentless assault.

With the table primed and the situation dire, Bully Ray continued to douse the table with more lighter fluid, intensifying the impending destruction. Maclin, seizing the opportunity, pulled D’Amore to his feet. Together, they set the table ablaze and executed a bone-crushing powerbomb, sending D’Amore crashing through the fiery wreckage. As the inferno subsided, Ray leaned down, reminding D’Amore that he was the one who had initially signed him and declared his unwavering loyalty to Impact Wrestling. Ray ominously asserted his intent to bring down not only D’Amore but the entire company.

As the final moments unfolded, Ray raised Maclin’s arm in victory, symbolizing their alliance and their shared quest for dominance. The broadcast concluded with a sense of uncertainty.

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