John Cena remains one of the biggest stars in the history of WWE, who has changed the course of the business over the years. He even cut a scathing promo on Austin Theory before their match at WrestleMania 39. Now it appears that Cena personally told him some harsh things as well.

The promo on Monday Night RAW was largely a one-sided beatdown on the mic, as John Cena verbally decimated Austin Theory in the promo and ended up setting up their match at the Show of Shows. Needless to say, fans loved every bit of it.

That being said, there were also quite a few people who believed that John Cena essentially buried Theory with that promo. In hindsight, that was clearly not the case whatsoever.

While speaking to Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling, Cena reflected on the promo. Cena revealed that he even personally told Austin Theory that he didn’t believe in him before the promo.


Austin is great and easy to work with. We wrote that together. He was in every step of the process. There comes a point where sometimes people need creative solitudes so they’re like, ‘I’m going to go away and write my thing, come back, run it by you, and see if it’s okay.’ Then, there are some guys who are like, ‘see you out there.’ I can dress for weddings or funerals, just tell me what color suit to wear. I respect everyone’s process. I do know, that from all my experience, if you do not have something to care about, you do not have something. My job is to make them care. This is not a process I just do with Austin Theory.

That’s what I love about WWE. Fans can see through the BS if you don’t believe in your character. It’s what I said to Austin Theory. ‘You are young, you are athletic, you will work for this company, you will do interviews. I don’t believe what you do when you’re out there. I don’t.’ I said it to him personally before I said it to him publicly. I’m serious. In a room, with Austin Theory, I said, ‘The reason I came back to Boston is because you can’t do this yourself yet. You cannot carry a WrestleMania promo yourself yet. If you fail, we waste the equity that I’m willing to give. In that match, if I get hurt, I hold up production, which puts 300 people out of work. Let’s do this right. Let’s get some equity here.’ Then you start thinking about the angles, what’s the most important thing, what’s our story? ‘I don’t believe what you do,’ that’s what I’m going with.”

Of course, John Cena squared off against Austin Theory at WrestleMania 39 and couldn’t beat Theory after the latter used underhanded tactics. We’ll have to wait and see when Cena will return to WWE television once again.

What’s your view on what John Cena said? Do you think he was too harsh on Austin Theory? Let us know in the comments!

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