Some fans were wondering why WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was not present at the 2023 WWE Backlash PLE in Puerto Rico.

Booker T addressed this question on his podcast, explaining that the reason he wasn’t there was that the Kickoff panel didn’t travel for the event.

“The reason I wasn’t there was because the Kickoff panel didn’t go. That’s the only reason I didn’t go. Trust me, I was trying to get there, but none of us went on that trip.”

He went on to say that he won’t be traveling for any other events until SummerSlam, as most of the shows are being held in different locations.


“I won’t be on another trip until SummerSlam because everything is pretty much on location in different places, so right now, I’m off until Summer Slam. I’m still going to vacation, but I’m just going to do it on my own time.”

It’s common for WWE to have the pre-show hosts do the show out of the studios in Stamford, CT, whenever they are overseas. This means that even if there is an event taking place in a foreign country, the pre-show hosts are not necessarily required to be physically present. The same will be true for the upcoming Night of Champions event in Saudi Arabia.

Although Booker T was not physically present at the 2023 WWE Backlash PLE in Puerto Rico, his absence did not go unnoticed by fans who are used to seeing him on the Kickoff panel. Despite this, Booker T’s absence was not related to any personal or professional issues. He simply did not travel for the event, as was the case with the rest of the Kickoff panel.

What are your thoughts on WWE’s decision to have the Kickoff panel stay in Stamford for events held overseas, and do you think this affects the quality of the pre-show? Leave a comment.

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