WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has revealed that he was asked to appear at the WWE Draft this past week but had to decline due to other commitments.

While speaking on the latest episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” on AdFreeShows.com, Angle discussed his new project that has launched and also touched on the draft.

“I was asked to do it, and I couldn’t, unfortunately. I wish I could have. I would have loved to be there and announce a draft pick, but unfortunately, I was busy that day and I couldn’t do it.”

While it is unclear what Angle’s other commitments were, it is worth noting that he has been focusing on his partnership with Project #1 Nutrition, which is a workout supplement that recently cam out with American Dream Cookies and Cream Protein.


“I’ve partnered with Project #1 Nutrition and we have this amazing protein that we came out with called American Dream Cookies and Cream Protein. Obviously, I’m a cookies and milk kind of guy, so we wanted to do that theme and we did cookies and cream. It’s actually the best tasting protein I’ve ever had. We did a deal with GNC. We have worldwide distribution. We launched it. We have a commemorative box set collector’s edition. The first 500 customers that purchase it, it’s on my Instagram page, the link on my Instagram page, you order that, the first 500 gets a free autographed signed photo from me. In the box, you have the cookies and cream protein. You have a Kurt Angle shaker bottle, Kurt Angle T-shirt, Kurt Angle sticker set, and obviously the Kurt Angle cookies and cream protein. It’s a great deal and that’s how we started off with the promotion and we’re really excited about getting this started.”

Although he was unable to participate in the draft this year, fans are still eager to see what Angle has in store for the future.

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