Baron Corbin has suggested that certain individuals backstage in WWE are envious of him and afraid of what he can accomplish if he gets back on track after his recent setbacks.

In recent backstage segments, Corbin has been ignored by everyone. In a recent interview with Catch Club, Corbin addressed the treatment he has been receiving, suggesting that it may stem from jealousy and fear of his potential accomplishments.

“It’s jealousy, you know. I think it’s more so they’re afraid of what I can accomplish as well,” he stated.

He went on to say that if he could get back on track, he would like to challenge Roman Reigns, the wrestler who is the last person to have defeated. Corbin expressed interest in the new championship coming to RAW and said he would enjoy the opportunity to back up the things he says with his performances in the ring.


“Like if I get back on track, you know, again let’s go after Roman Reigns. I’m the last guy to beat him or, you know, we’ve got a new championship coming to RAW. (…) Who’s gonna win that? I mean that would be a great thing to get me back on track and put people in their place and add some entertainment as well as the ability to back up the things you say.”

While it is uncertain whether Corbin can regain his previous status in WWE and achieve his desired goals, his comments have piqued the interest of fans. They are curious about his future in the company and whether he can overcome his current setbacks and attain greater success.

Do you think there is any truth to Baron Corbin’s suggestion that certain individuals backstage in WWE are envious of him and afraid of his potential accomplishments? Leave a comment.

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