WWE’s 2023 Draft is in the rearview, and fans can’t wait to see how the new WWE RAW and SmackDown rosters will mingle on their respective shows. There was a report that chaos ensued during some portions of the WWE Draft, but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, things went quite well.

Dave Meltzer recently stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that, “So it’s very clear that, like again, people are being told different things that change all the time. It’s not like complete chaos, but there’s a lot of chaos.” This was picked up all over, including Ringside News.

We have heard back from sources concerning this report about backstage chaos. We were told that Meltzer is way off. In fact, “there was no chaos, it wasn’t even chaotic.”

Ringside News was further told that there was only “one announcer who had something different in his notes because he was in an earlier meeting and did not get the word about the updated talking points during the show.” That was the only snafu throughout the entire thing.


It was also explained to us that, “these things happen everywhere. NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB. It happened to us, but it is not a sign of chaos backstage.” We will have to see how the new WWE rosters shake out, but there was no sign of chaos during the WWE Draft.

What’s your take on the 2023 WWE Draft? Which brand came out looking the best after everything was said and done? Sound off in the comments!

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H Jenkins

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