The 2023 WWE Draft has come and gone, but rumors are still swirling around whether some of the talent knew where they would end up before the announcement.

According to the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, current RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, as well as Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits, reportedly knew prior to the draft that they would be moving from “Raw” to SmackDown.

Belair, who was the second overall pick, was selected to compete on Friday nights after WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The Street Profits were drafted in the second round, making them the first tag team to be selected this year.

While it’s not uncommon for WWE Superstars to be aware of their upcoming draft, it’s interesting to note that the information was leaked prior to the announcement. This could potentially cause issues with the company’s plans for surprises and storyline developments during the draft.


It remains to be seen how the draft will impact the WWE landscape going forward, but with talent like Belair and The Street Profits moving to SmackDown, it’s sure to create exciting new matchups and storylines in the weeks and months to come.

Do you think WWE should do a better job of keeping draft picks a secret to maintain the element of surprise, or do you think it’s inevitable for Superstars to find out where they will end up? Leave a comment.

Steve Carrier

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