Dominik Mysterio has been the target of constant booing from WWE fans, but former WWE writer Vince Russo has expressed doubts about the authenticity of the crowd reaction.

While speaking on WrestleBing, Russo questioned whether the heat is being piped in by WWE, saying that it’s difficult to maintain that level of heat for an extended period of time.

Russo has been in front of many crowds in his career and believes that the level of heat that Dominik is receiving may not be entirely genuine. However, WWE released an “isolated audio” video from a recent episode showing the reaction Dominik received from the Texas crowd.

“Oh okay, alright, whatever. Bro, Chris, listen. Am I crazy? They’re piping in that Dominik heat, bro.


“Here is why I think so – I have been in front of many many many crowds in my life when people had tremendous, tremendous, tremendous heat.

“Bro, you cannot physically keep up that level of heat for so long. I could be wrong, but I do not think it’s all 100% authentic heat.”

The controversy surrounding Dominik’s heat has been a hot topic among WWE fans, with many speculating that it’s being artificially generated by the company. Regardless of the authenticity of the heat, it’s clear that Dominik has become a polarizing figure among WWE fans.

While the authenticity of Dominik’s heat may be up for debate, it’s clear that he has caught the attention of WWE fans and is a significant part of the company’s future plans.

Do you think the heat directed towards Dominik Mysterio is genuine or piped in by WWE? Leave a comment.

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