WWE has faced many lawsuits over the years, and they are known for their savvy in the courtroom, thanks to a dedicated team of attorneys like Jerry McDevitt. Over the course of the company’s history, they have fought some serious battles in court, and the class-action lawsuit against the company certainly stands out as unique.

Konstantine Kyros led several former WWE superstars in suing the company due to concussions, but he has so far been unsuccessful. In 2018, WWE won a big case against Kyros, but it wouldn’t surprise a lot of people if he tries again in the future.

While speaking to Wrestling News, the Warlord was asked why he joined a class action lawsuit in 2016 against WWE. He explained his reasoning, because he did suffer from a good deal of long-term concussion syndrome symptoms.

“Mostly because I’ve had a lot of bad problems with headaches and that stuff. My memory is not the same anymore as it was and issues like that. It slows you down. It’s embarrassing sometimes because of what you’ve done in your life and also something like this, it’s hard.”


“There could have been precautions like the precautions they have today. They have so many precautions in place now. Back then, we didn’t have nothing and we just kept going. If you got a concussion, you just kept going. There was no break. There was no nothing because we didn’t have contracts back then. People were paid nightly, so if you didn’t work, you weren’t paid. We had to do what we had to do to keep going. It was very tough.”

The lawsuit against WWE was dismissed by US District Judge Vanessa Lynne Bryant in September 2018. WWE has yet to see any consequences as a result of a class-action lawsuit from former Superstars. That being said, keeping so many attorneys on retainer isn’t cheap.

WWE takes concussions very seriously now, and they won’t let a Superstar compete until they are totally ready. That can cost years from a performer’s career, but it is also worth it to ensure that their safety is kept as the utmost priority.

What’s your take on WWE facing legal consequences for their performers suffering concussions in the ring? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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