WWE has to make a lot of tough decisions on a daily basis, but one of the bigger choices they make concerns calling NXT Superstars up to the WWE main roster. A lot of things play into calling up an NXT talent or leaving them in developmental. Sometimes, just the idea of paying for someone else’s travel expenses is enough to change WWE’s mind.

Nikki Cross was a part of SaNity in NXT, but she was not a part of the faction when they received their main roster call-up. A lot of fans point to Nikki Cross’ absence as the reason that stable didn’t do anything on the main roster.

During a recent episode of Oh, You Didn’t Know, Road Dogg went into some of the reasons why Nikki Cross wasn’t called up. It seems that the situation had nothing to do with her talent, because the company considers everything from buying an extra plane ticket when looking at a call-up.

“Look, I always think about stuff like this and this, you have to look at it from a business standpoint is how many people am I gonna bring up that I have to send on the road every live event?


“Do I have to buy four tickets? Do I have to buy six? Do I just buy two that are working?”

“For the viewer, that feels funny. Like, ‘Oh, they came up and she didn’t.’ But so much thinking went into that before that decision was made.

“It was all weighed out in monies and dollars and cents because it’s a business and so you gotta think about that stuff before you just make those decisions.

“It was decided that she won’t come up now. She’ll come up later on her own in the women’s division so, I think she showed up later with them or something and that went for a minute and then he wanted to go in a different direction so, look, I love Big Damo, Eric Young, huge fan of EY. Friend as well. Just couldn’t be happier with all those guys.

“It just didn’t work out and that’s not their fault.”

Nikki Cross found her way to the WWE main roster eventually, but she would have started a lot sooner had she have been a part of SaNity. Then again, she eventually transitioned into a not Superhero and won the SmackDown Women’s Title too, so that might have never taken place if she made that trip with SaNity to the main roster either.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Nikki Cross on the WWE main roster. She is no longer Nikki ASH, and still going with the flow, trying her best to show off her unique character in the process.

Nikki Cross is also still in school and working on her PhD. That could set her up for a great career after pro wrestling, whenever that day comes. She still doesn’t plan on leaving pro wrestling to pursue her higher degrees.

What’s your take on WWE’s treatment of Nikki Cross on the WWE main roster? Sound off in the comments!

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