WWE has a lot of plans for the future, and that includes even more huge events. That being said, WrestleMania 41 is a long way off, and the company has not locked down the showcase of the immortals’ location in 2025.

We previously reported that, according to Patrick Kessler, Special Contributor WCCO-TV/CBS Minneapolis, his city is in the running to get WrestleMania in 2025. This already got a lot of fans excited in Minneapolis, but they might need to hold off on the celebration right now.

Sean Sapp dropped a note behind Fightful’s paywall to clear up this situation with WrestleMania 41. It was reported that WrestleMania 41’s location is not locked down at all. Although Minneapolis sent people to SoFi Stadium to ask about WrestleMania, they have only put their name in the running.

Rumors are flying that Minneapolis is a finalist for WWE WrestleMania in 2025.


Pat Kessler of CBS Minneapolis reported this afternoon that Minneapolis was a finalist to land WrestleMania, but we’re told that there’s nothing imminent regarding an announcement of where that year’s Mania will be.

Instead, we’re told that Minneapolis has been interesting in making a bid, and had reps sent to SoFi Stadium to check out how WrestleMania came across and was run. However, this is fairly common, and Minneapolis was one of many cities in the running. 

It was also noted that, “WWE has said that they view U.S. Bank Stadium as a world-class venue, and have heard that they’re getting more aggressive in getting non-Vikings related events in the huge stadium.” We’ll have to see what the future holds, but several cities are also vying to lock down future WrestleMania events.

WrestleMania only comes to big cities, and they are eying football stadiums for the past couple of years. WrestleMania 40 is coming to Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, which will be a fitting follow-up to WrestleMania 39’s massive two-night event in SoFi Stadium.

WrestleMania also brings in a ton of money for host cities. The destination event is now a two-night extravaganza, and cities want a piece of that. We’ll have to wait for WWE’s official announcement about WrestleMania 41, but until that day comes, it’s probably safe to just take any report about a city locking down the show of shows with a grain of sale.

Which city do you want to host a WrestleMania event next? Do you think WWE needs to take WrestleMania to Minneapolis? Sound off in the comments!

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