WWE NXT presented Spring Breakin’ this week, and they ended the night with three notable injuries. Indie Hartwell, Grayson Waller, and Sol Ruca are all out of action, and that is not the way they wanted their rosters to look at all.

While Grayson Waller and Indi Hartwell were injured during their matches, Sol Ruca was injured out of the ring. WWE had to write a phantom injury angle for her with a mysterious beatdown.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez said that some NXT Superstars have complained about the training they do with the company. A lot of them want to do their own workout regiments.

“I did hear yesterday from people in NXT that also were complaining about the style of training that they’re told to do. A lot of people wanna be able to train on their own.”


Bryan Alvarez went on to say that the training method resembles the preparation for weightlifting competitions, where individuals try to set personal records and push themselves to the limit. He explained that the wrestlers come equipped with their equipment and train rigorously.

Although this approach is suitable for powerlifters and Olympic lifters who aim to compete in their respective fields, it may not be ideal for professional wrestlers. The reason being, the training does not take into account the physical demands of wrestling, where individuals are thrown around. This could potentially result in harm to their bodies.

WWE wants to make sure their Superstars of tomorrow are in the best shape possible. Sometimes this comes with some untimely injuries. Still, their training might be a root cause of those injuries.

WWE puts their NXT talent through the ringer with daily exercises, sometimes introducing them to new techniques in the process. All of that constant wear and tear on anyone’s body can go on to do damage later on, and pro wrestling is hard enough on everyone involved.

What’s your take on NXT injuries? Why do you think so many Superstars are out of action? Sound off in the comments!

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