WWE Superstars can sometimes return to the company after a long hiatus and receive a warm welcome. It seems that Victoria didn’t receive the open-armed reception she was hoping for.

Victoria returned to WWE in 2021 for the Women’s Royal Rumble match, marking her first match in WWE since 2009. That match might have been a night to remember for some fans, but Victoria had her own experience.

During a recent episode of the GAW podcast, Victoria admitted that she was treated pretty badly during her last WWE run. In fact, she believes that people within the company treated her like “sh*t.” This all went down during her 2021 Royal Rumble appearance.

“I was treated like sh*t when I came back to WWE backstage. And I was like ‘You know what? How I got treated by some of the people? I will never treat a human like that. Ever.’ I’m gonna be the welcoming arm, like ‘Hey! Welcome to [insert promotion name]!’ If they last two days? OK, they last two days, they’re not gonna last very long. But who are they gonna say [they want to work with]? They’re gonna say ‘I want to work with [me].'”


Victoria’s stay in the 2021 Royal Rumble match wasn’t a lengthy one. It was still great for fans to see her again. She seemed to enjoy getting out in front of the WWE fans again, but that doesn’t mean she loved her treatment backstage.

Sadly, Victoria didn’t get invited back to WWE after that. It might have been for the best, because odds are she might not have enjoyed the rest of that run if it started out in such a sour way.

What’s your take on Victoria? Does she deserve a WWE Hall of Fame induction?

Felix Upton

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