Will Ospreay is one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and he has already made an impression in AEW. That being said, Ospreay is still locked into a deal with NJPW. That contract isn’t going to last forever, and there is an end in sight.

DAZN recently spoke to Will Ospreay where he confirmed that his NJPW contract is up in February 2024. He’s worked hard to earn his spot with NJPW, and he’s put out banger matches along the way.

It seems that Will Ospreay is interested in what else might be available to him at that time. After all, any number of companies should want his services.

“My contract with New Japan is up next February so from that point who’s not gonna want this kid who’s dedicated to being a hard worker and wanting to put on the best quality of matches.”


Will Ospreay is known for his top tier matches, seldom leaving anyone disappointed. When the time comes to talk about his new deal, Ospreay is very confident that his reputation will help get him a fine deal.

“The reason why I say no is because they don’t impact my paycheque. I still get paid the same regardless. In my humble opinion, [star ratings] don’t matter in terms of financial gain, but in terms of viewership, because I’m this British kid who has done it on Indy shows, I know that when my [NJPW] contract comes up, there’ll be a fight for who wants the best five-star wrestler right now.”

Once upon a time, Paul Heyman offered Will Ospreay an EVOLVE contract. That didn’t pan out, and Ospreay did his own thing. It might be interesting to see if Paul Heyman will put in a good word for him in WWE. After all, the Wise Man can be very persuasive.

The pro wrestling world is always changing, with contracts running up and talent going their own direction. Only time will tell what’s next for Will Ospreay, but there could be a big bidding war for his services.

What’s your take on Will Ospreay? Should WWE try hard to get him? Sound off in the comments!

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