MJF is the current AEW World Champion and truly considers himself the best professional wrestler on the planet right now. He is also very outspoken and never afraid to speak his mind no matter what. Now it appears he took aim at pro wrestling fans in a now-deleted tweet.

The Salt of The Earth is known to be very aggressive towards those he does not like and this includes fans. MJF is truly a student of the game and knows all too well what pro wrestlers sacrifice to make it big in the industry.

The AEW World Champion loves roasting fans on social media, especially those who think they know better than him. That said, MJF knows there are a lot of fans who simply want pro wrestlers to do risky moves for their entertainment.

MJF took to Twitter and in a now-deleted tweet, blasted pro wrestling fans for being bloodthirsty and advised pro wrestlers to not curry the favor of those fans and focus on leaving the ring in one piece.


The more wrestling fans become blood thirsty for these dangerous feats in the ring.

The more the wrestlers will hurt themselves trying to curry fans favor.

The fans don’t understand that at any given point we can be paralyzed from the neck down or even die from a maneuver as simple as a body slam. By the way fans reading this, bodyslams hurt, every move hurts.

They will keep moving the goal post of what they deem is “good”.
So before you do something stupid. Consider this there tweet about your ”banger” gonna pay for your medical bills?

Do the right thing. Go in that ring with the intention of winning the match and leaving the ring the same way you entered it.

Get the winners purse and get out.

Some also believe that MJF lacks heel heat like Dominik Mysterio. These were certainly some scathing words from MJF and it is likely quite a few pro wrestlers will agree with what he said. Regardless, MJF will always speak his mind and that will never change.

What’s your take on what MJF said? Do you agree that wrestling fans are bloodthirsty? Sound off in the comments!

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